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Hope doesn't feed our familes.


Do you want to buy a duck?

The committee called on all nations to work side-by-side to curb air pollution.

You can make a cake with flour and milk and an egg.

Do you have a solution?

Danielle filled the tub with water.

I have not heard anything to that affect

A road is a strip of land along which one may pass from where it is too tiresome to be to where it is futile to go.

One should brush one's teeth every day.

When I am sitting next to the window, I feel sick.


Do people ever accuse you of being snobbish?


Gene is apt to get angry if you ask him a lot of questions.

Can you honestly tell me you didn't know this was going to happen?

Pontus used to play tennis with Glynn.

Francis took Rajarshi into his office.

Maybe we should blame Myrick for what we did.

Japanese companies have set up factories on every continent, and Japanese banks help finance many of the world's major economic programs.

There was a dead silence.

She calmed herself before beginning to speak.

Is Harry serious?

I suggest that we hold off on making a decision until all bids are in.

Jack is a lot wiser than anybody else.

Ricky is looking for a new job.

He's always running short of cash.


The reason why I got a bad grade is that I did not study.

I hear you were in Boston recently.

He's my friend. Do you know him?

By the way, what time will you go there?

We were lucky. It didn't rain.

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Now everything is fixed.

He lay without movement.

Listen to who's talking.

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Dan didn't even ask for his room number.

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I want to scream.


I've already called them.

Dan came across an injured raccoon.

It's not like we're strangers.

Judith and Alexander's marriage began to fall apart.

Have you tried doing this before?

Janice stared blankly into space.

Laurel does what is asked of him.

Language is peculiar to man.

"She likes music, doesn't she?" "So she does."


Here stood a green field; now it is a supermarket.

Julie can probably help solve this problem.

He wants whipping for saying that.

My parents used to read me stories when I was a little boy.

The scenery was breathtaking.

It's sometimes necessary not to tell the truth.

I am very pleased with my job.

They've helped the needy.

I bought a new computer to keep up with the times.


The others are playing outside.

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Rebecca didn't care what Monty did.

She was carrying the baby on her back.

The sun was hidden in the moon's shadow.


Can you call my mom, please?

We're all ready for that.

Honestly, there's nothing to worry about.


I'd like to try doing this by myself.

She tore the letter up after reading it.

Doctors are the worst patients.

Stan informed the warden that John was planning to escape.

To make things even worse, he got sick.


A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.

I want to eat a spicy chicken in a big plate!

They can't hear you.

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You should pay more attention to nutrition.

She was kind enough to show me around the town.

It is odd that he is so late.


I was up late last night.

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She cannot work this machine.

My answer is yes.

The players on this team are all giants.


Pedro used to bake us cookies.


What's the use of talking?


I am not at all pleased with the condition.

May I ask a few more questions about that point? It's a little obscure.

I wasn't the one who got lost.

Your daughter overheard us talking.

Looks really nice.


Immediately said, immediately done.

I'm really visual.

Wes isn't still asleep, is he?


Man can be subdued through fear.


I make my own decisions.

I'm looking for a hat to match a brown dress.

The mountains will labor, and a ridiculous mouse will be born.


Have a great day.

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Neil was the one who made that decision.

I shouldn't have come here. I'm sorry.

We're hungry.

You should thank me.

I said that I would help Mikael.


Give it to whoever wants it.

If we get organized we can get something done.

I can't do this either.

Exports in January totalled $10 billion, a record for the month.

Where exactly did you see Margie?


Colin couldn't protect Amedeo.

I love this one.

Rick said that he thought Joanne knew why John never seemed to enjoy watching cricket.


I have a lot of baggage, so I can't walk home.

The thunder became louder.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Hi. How are you called?

We don't need a new international auxiliary language. The English language already fills that role.

Cristina knows this.

Don't ask me what that is.

You have to ask her first.

He is speaking English.

We use words to tell somebody something, that is, to communicate.

I now agree with Sheila.

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We've got to do better.


I wish I'd known that Earnie could speak French.

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He arrived at midnight.

You'd better take that.

The man fought bravely but finally gave in.

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You can't scare me.

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If the dull substance of my flesh were thought injurious distance should not stop my way, for then despite of space I would be brought, from limits far remote, where thou dost stay.

It seems as though we've both failed.

That was discouraging.

The Forestry Service limits the number of mushrooms one may pick at National Forests and also requires that a permit be obtained.

What is the age of the oldest?

A spoilsport is a person who ruins other people's fun.

We do not know her.

Jun is the only girl I've ever been in love with.

I am going to the mall.

Education shouldn't be aimed at passing a test.

I want you to follow orders.

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It was the best day of my life.

The results were astounding.

Are you very keen about going with them?


It's actually incredibly stupid.

The forward kicked a goal.

Sea ice reflects more sunlight than does the darker ocean.

Where should I throw away this empty cup?

I respect you and your opinions.

I think I fell asleep during the last class.

I thought Aimee wouldn't come.

Is your wife at home?

Tell her that I am pruning the trees.


Everybody makes mistakes. That's why they put erasers on pencils.


What are you going to do now?


Many famous artists live in New York.

I think you know too much.

Jan sang beautifully.

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He will come tomorrow.

The probability of Andrea being punished is very small.

Oleg thinks he knows where Nanda went.

It was hilarious.

Carsten heard coughing.

Police has at last had a break in the investigation.

Don't look down on a man because he is poor.


I'll see about getting the tickets.

The curfew begins at 7:00 p.m.

Pay attention to him.

The word that is known to anyone is a greeting.

We have to get you to the hospital.