When I try to listen to music with media player there's an error and I can't play the file.

There is nothing to be proud of.

Hsuan turned a somersault.

Mackerel tastes good whether you simmer it or grill it.

When did she send you her pictures?

It's one of the most expensive cities in the world.

They yielded their land to the invaders.

Your manners aren't very good.

Lucy and I have as many friends.

I'm sorry. I know I overreacted.

This is the kind of job you should do all at once.

I stayed up all night.

Jordan doesn't look happy, does he?

My father is going to kill me.

Vladislav's not quite sure of that one.

Would you like some more?

How is cheerleading practice?

I spilled jam on the electric outlet and there was a short circuit.

I'm trying to be sensitive to your needs.


An operation on his throat helped him recover from the pneumonia, but it left him without his voice.

That's exactly what I've been telling Herbert.

Your boyfriend got tired of waiting for you and left just now.


Jarvis is going to go to school tomorrow.

Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.

Rupert never regained consciousness.


I have something more important to do.

I'm glad to finally meet you.

We can record the past and present.


Maybe you'd better call him.


Don't call him the criminal.


We'll go tomorrow.


I think it's highly unlikely that we'll be able to escape from this prison.


Can everyone see?

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I can't remember the last time I had a martini.

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He's a high school student.

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Three little girls are going to the skating rink.

I am a fan of libertarianism.

Ed told me that he could hear something, but he wasn't sure what it was.

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I thought it might be worth something.


My mother hates writing letters.

I know him, a wily, cheeky lad.

Today I'm tired.


Brooke has already decided what to do.

Could you tell me how to get to your office?

There's plenty of stuff left.

It was painful.

The soldiers thought that they might be home for Christmas.


He's not an unreasonable man.

Nicolette didn't send me any letters.

Having read the newspaper, I know about the accident.

Her voice was shaking with anger.

This cooktop is 44 inches wide.


Please keep yourselves calm.

Amos is trying to get Sir to leave.

The royal wedding was a great spectacle.

Geoff put on a bullet-proof vest, just to be safe.

Jwahar beat the rug with his an old racket.

Rain is water falling from clouds.

Are you for or against the plan he put forward at the meeting?

We don't want them to decrease our paycheck.

Am I the only one who didn't understand what was going on?

I know the truth.

I think Petr is exciting.

We'll miss you, too.

It was spectacular.

While I was talking over the telephone she came to see me.

Everyone was looking for the missing child.

Our solar system is always in motion.

We don't know each other.

I found some money on the way home from school today.

And Helena replied: "Two cakes aren't a lot for me; it would be a lot if it were five or six cakes; but two cakes are very few."

Here comes Triantaphyllos now.

I'll take care of these.

Kathy, come check this out.

His toe bleeds.

I've got work to do.

You're tired this evening.


When will you stop scheming?

How did you persuade Leon to come back home?

Samuel hates the sound of wind chimes.

Is Brender going to be home tomorrow?

His opinion was unimportant.

Russell was knighted in 2013.

Do abbots mow hay? Never do abbots mow hay! Abbots pray.

I see no reason to continue.

No one's seen Robert in a while.

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They're not real.

Well, there's no such thing as being too late to correct one's faults.

There are a lot of stars larger than our own sun.

Dale wasn't the most popular kid in school, but he had a lot of friends.

After six months of non-stop work, we're ready to cash in.

They hated him.

He couldn't understand the sentence.

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Barbara was deliriously happy.

In this case, translation is, in effect, impossible.

I don't know exactly what to say.

The Serpent Bearer is an outspread but not very prominent constellation.

Have you decided what you'll do?

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The system will be adjusted to what it is that you are allowed to see.


He wouldn't stop badgering me.

Adrian didn't know you were joking.

Let's talk about your problem.

I'll move soon.

The child stood near the other children.

The truth will come out one day.

I will eat pumpkin pudding.


I want Jane to respect me.

She moved to Germany.

Can you show me where Glenn's office is?

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I would rather work for any company than waste another year.

Molly asked where my car was parked.

Where did you say you slept last night?

There was nothing anybody could do.

He will be sleeping when you get to his house.

Have you told Harold already?

Don't try too hard!

I am going to call on him tomorrow.

He is greedy and lazy.

He's a filthy liar.

It's not my case.

I am not gay !.

To be healthy you have to go to bed early.

The Golden Horde wreaked havoc and death all around Eurasia.

Manavendra should be nervous.

What's so special about this place?

Ralph never thought that Srinivasan would say yes.

Noemi, Stephan and John are in the kitchen.

I have two brothers and three sisters.

Can we start?

What are we going to do about this?

That car is the most beautiful of the three.

They can speak both Berber and Arabic.


Those impossible suggestions just annoy me.


I guess that's not what Sjaak wanted.


He dedicated his life to medicine.


The cost of gasoline keeps on going up.

Jianyun laughed a little.

Florence is the most beautiful city in Italy.

I don't think Trent is being honest.

This sort of structure is called a double negative, but in effect it shows affirmation.

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One of the most important things you have to do right now is to carry out the plan.

Anne stopped shaving.

He was sent abroad as a correspondent.

Why do we live?

The whole town lay sleeping.

I took over my father's job.

This did not satisfy Andrew, and the relationship between them cooled.

Is he a doctor?

Don't make me stand here.


Do you see that you were going to lose anyways?


May I hang up your coat?

I'm direct.

"That's right", said John.


At any rate, that it had ended without serious incident was a small mercy.

The railroad isn't to blame for the slowness of the mail.

I've already told him that.

We're waiting for her.

They have no house to live in.


She saw him eating a sandwich.

I've just wasted three years of my life.

Here are the results.

Ragnar pushed the door closed.

Charles asked me if I knew Thad.

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What is 5814 rounded to the nearest thousand?

Sharan was too late.

Tuna gave Michel a hug.