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You don't eat anything.

I work all day.

The water levels in these rivers are different.

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She is getting old.

Miriamne's the last person I would've expected to have a heart attack.

She, covered only with a handtowel, came from the shower.


They were killed just because they were not whites.


He lifted the car with his phenomenal strength.

Floria looked at herself in the mirror.

Pete just couldn't help himself.

I should've put on some sunscreen.

The most profitable sectors in the United States and Europe are the military and pharmaceutical industries. Knowing this, there is no need to explain why there are always wars on Earth. Yes, it's a shame.

She burst into anger.

Marie and Lorien had three children.

David tells me that you're leaving.

Sjouke and Sergio are out jogging.

Who knows the answers?

Cathy is as young as I am.


He has dark hair and dark eyes.

I owe Janet some money.

Let me know the time you are leaving.

We have a simple solution for all this.

Hsi has come out of hiding.

This is such a surprise.

Do what is good to those who hate you.

Let's get out of the car now.

It's too hard for me.

She lost her money, her family and her friends.

I don't like the idea of working on the weekends.


Jerome certainly has a short fuse.


I fished in the Thames River.

Nobody else got hurt.

I'm looking forward to receiving letters from you.

She has been to Paris.

Bart actually did it.

"Give me a sandwich with sauerkraut," said Cicero.

We have a lot of time.

Lila really wanted us to be there.

Sunday is not a workday for me.

Terrance is Sally's chauffeur.

Let's see what Nguyen can tell us.

Nothing can stop them.

Give me five minutes to finish the last adjustments.

Other documents of great importance include the writings of the Jesuits.

She came across to speak to me.

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I did nothing unlawful.


I barely remember anything.

Your hypothesis is completely unrealistic.

I didn't know that the cost of living was so high in Australia.

The words confirmed him in his suspicions.

Can you spare me a few minutes of your time?

I know exactly what you're going through.

The world is not as scary as you think.


Call them back.

The last hope fled from her mind.

Shel is tactless.

Put it on the table.

As long as we're together, all the sorrow is nothing but an occasion to become closer.


Our hotel faces the coast.

No, the police aren't using a dog to look for a man. They're looking for a man who has a dog.

In this way a passing boat noticed them, thanks to Takeda's scream, and they survived without incident.

I slept through the 3 hour-long sermon.

I can't explain what happened.

There was nothing but a desk in his room.

I won't allow you to cause trouble here.

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Which is your favorite shrike?

Pontus didn't answer our calls.

Mr. White is a rational man.


Have a great night.

I think you misunderstood what I was said.

Gretchen didn't come, did he?


Are the Giants playing tonight?

Juha is being very cooperative.

When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust what others (think) of you more than what you (think) of yourself.

Well, I guess we should go.

I was very much shocked to hear his daughter using such bad language.

The distance he ran was much greater than had been expected.

Pinocchio, apologize for that, or look out!

He died so that we may live.

As soon as she met him, she burst into tears.

On top of the statue, Sadako is holding a golden crane over her head.

Maybe we shouldn't have stayed in Boston so long.

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Go there with me.

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Next time, you're buying.

Claire is said to have been ill last week, but she looks well now.

Julia gave Deirdre a potted plant.

Would you be willing to show me how to do that?

Juan said I should come home soon.

Sabrina had no husband.

Why do you know so much about Australia?

Do you want a ride home?

While most ectopic pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tube, it is also possible for them to occur in the ovaries, abdomen, or cervix.

The universe moves around your ass.

They have only enough funds to build the factory.

Relax, it's just a scarecrow.

It won't change a thing.

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I know you've got some problems with your mother.

Martyn gets along very well with his classmates.

Julian gave us something to talk about.


Ms. Yamamoto teaches us English.

Why don't you just call Sandeep?

I told Dirk a lot of things that Srinivas didn't want me to tell him.

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"Arbeit macht frei", meaning "Work sets you free", is a slogan placed, during the Holocaust, over the entrance to the Auschwitz extermination camp.

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The feelings of "love at first sight" and "faithful unto death" are unrealistic; this sort of unrealistic and illusory feeling is not what we need.


Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way? Who hasn't? Come on...

Joyce can't stay here any longer.

My assistant threatened to quit.

Do you know the words to that song?

You must think I'm a complete loser.

The Kennedys were the closest thing that America has ever had to royalty.

I can teach you how to steal.

Thousands of people went to see the President.

I'm meeting them next Monday.

That sister of yours is always complaining of her husband.

I'll go and find it for you.

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Lloyd is going to leave tomorrow morning.

The soldier returned home on a furlough.

Take your pick.

I've tried everything I can think of.

Are you looking for Wolf?

This is homemade jam.

That was an angry bunny.


This statue is as large as life.


Would you like me to get you something from the supermarket?


Chinese characters are difficult to read.


I am pleased at your success.

Hienz is walking up the stairs.

Cut it with a knife.

You know I can't wait any more.

Have you ever walked through a graveyard at midnight?

It was a Saturday night.

I was very surprised to see students cleaning their classroom after school.


Didn't you hear me calling you?

According to researchers from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire, 15.7 million children lived in poverty in America in 2010.

Brodie drew a house and a tree.


I'm adaptable.

Suwandi has freckles.

I don't know what Pilot is talking about.

We'll do whatever it takes to get that done.

It's a very complex question.

Maureen is back from Boston.

Is there a reason why this is untranslated?


This pond is full of carp swimming around.

That's not a good sign.

Sidney attempted to calm Matti down.


Standing on the porch, he looked out with great interest, seeking out his dog.

I'll work hard.

I, too, wanted to ask that the whole time.

I can't possibly afford to pay for the operation my mother needs.

Markus didn't want to tell Shutoku that he had lost all her money.

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I am going to give up smoking.

The first part of the book is set in Florence.

Switch it off.

The wheat fields stretch out for miles.

I really think you need to talk to Diana.

He did it when he was drunk.

This is yesterday's newspaper. Where's today's paper?

Knute ate the bread.

If I were eighty and she were still alive, I would be getting the same admonition.

Are you making us sandwiches?

It makes my mouth water.

Lee followed me night and day.

That sounds complicated.

Let me sample your cake.

On his father's retirement he took over the business.

If you won't tell him, I will.

Please let him come at once.

Would you like for me to make you something to eat?

I don't care who's coming.