His knowledge put him dangerously close to a secret the organization wouldn't let him live to hear.


I am pretty pleased with you.


Don't waste your time on trifles.

I heard a knock on the door and it was Shankar.

I didn't ask Stan to come here.


It's a truly difficult problem to solve.

Let life be as beautiful as summer flowers. And death as beautiful as autumn leaves.

She talked a lot.


It's been a very difficult year.


Can you get at the meaning of this passage?

We had a warning.

I've done everything you've asked.

I think I'd better start now.

She did not so much as cast glance at me.

Clark put the eggs on a plate.

Ming Xiao doesn't know yet where he will go next year.


Behave yourself while I'm gone.

The new computer is ten times faster than the old.

I thought you didn't know her.

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The woman sleeps in the bedroom.

Tell her it's not my fault.

Talk about light pollution.

His opinion was unimportant.

It would be great if you could come with us.


The lock on the stable is broken.


He is thinking of disposing of his house.


Markus went there instead of me.


Martha did what he had to do.


She was sick in bed yesterday.

If I had not overslept, I would have been in time for school.

Boil the eggs hard.

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It is just a matter of personal taste.

Stuart feels better already.

Sumitro died in the earthquake.

Cole is terribly busy at this time.

Our company is a limited company.

Jennifer said he didn't want to speak in French.

With a scream the spectators scattered.

He was willing to work for others.

I won't tell anybody else.


You've been wonderful.


You won't have to take charge of that.

You caught Gill, didn't you?

They just had a healthy baby boy.

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I'll put your name on the list.

I think about that from time to time.

We had nice weather yesterday.

I'd better say goodbye.

Fortunately, I'm not buying into it.

I don't mind it here.

Anyway what are you on about? Going around sleeveless in this cold.

Olson doesn't want to do this.

When a friend comes from afar, is that not delightful?

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It was a collaborative effort.

They were after Rathnakumar.

I am starting the year as sick as a dog.


She cooks for him every day, but he doesn't appreciate it.

Is that good or bad for me?

It was totally secret.


Elliot and Catherine decided to go see a scary movie.

I don't want Liyuan's death on my conscience.

What the hell is the matter with you?


Pim didn't convince everyone.


I don't want Lucifer involved in this.

This is all barmy stuff.

So I thought my date, er rather, offline-meeting was going to be just me and her but things aren't that easy.

Harry is spraying his garden.

I want her to lose.


Lindsay addressed that point.


The lady that is speaking to that boy is his teacher.

This is very difficult work.

He is known for his decency. He has never been involved in a corrupt act.


He conceived a deep hatred for them.

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Tommy used to drink a lot before he met Christie.


I held on to the rope firmly as not to fall.

Please find out who did this.

Have you noticed blood in your urine before?


That's true too, isn't it?

The medicine did wonders for his health.

During my early teens, I was not always on the best of terms with my parents.

I know for sure that Kirk moved to Boston a year ago.

Why would I care where Shamim is?


It was this boy that broke the windowpane.

We were here for a business meeting with your wife.

Alexander wants a pony.

The king was stripped of his power.

You can trust that I will never break my promise.


Do you think Hugh might have a problem with that?


We don't have enough time.


I will never forget this.

The men were at a loss.

I still haven't found a job.


Mac is seven, Jingbai is eleven. How many years will it be until Marco becomes older than Ramesh?


She works as an advertiser at a New Jersey firm.

I'm telling you that we have to assume that Naren is dead.

He goes overseas every year.


Why can't I go with you?


How long do you have?

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His composition is not perfectly free of mistakes.

I had never given it much thought.

Where are the bags from Flight 57?

I know it was serious.

Destroy what destroys you.


Alejandro hates parties.

Where were you when your wife disappeared, Connie?

If you buy this, I will give you a fifteen percent discount.


What he says is holy truth.

The fugitive crossed the river.

Newspapers did not report the news.

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The car I rented from you has a problem.

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The baby opened his mouth.

I don't feel like it.

Patrick lost her reading glasses.

You obviously don't live here.

Now he sees the key.


He hates carrots.


She is one of the most generous people I know.


Tiefenthal apologized for not doing what he had promised he'd do.


Tomorrow's job must be thought through yesterday.


Judith's remarks touched off a violent argument.


You'd better go in person.

Tammy is a very nice kid.

Jon could be anywhere by now.

He is tremendously handsome.

All citizens should respect the law.


He plays too much pachinko, so his wife is mad at him.


I'm concerned about your future.


Gregge doesn't really enjoy translating.

Sanford will never give up.

I like tennis best of all sports.

It's already September; however, it is very hot.

Go up to ground level at exit B2.

I'm doing well today.

Ahmet has suffered a lot.

Valeria declined to offer specifics.

David is at home.


He played the guitar very well in his father's presence.

You can tell us.

We crept toward the enemy.

When exactly did you get here?

Lightning can occur during a storm.

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Kaj would never agree to such a thing.

With the bridge destroyed, there was nothing to do but swim.

Do you have attacks of dizziness?

I've got a feeling that nobody cares about their accent as much as the Russians.

Lord lied to me.

The population of the town decreases year by year.

I wouldn't tell them what they wanted to know.