Pool Service is not childs play

Customers Demand Quality Pool Service

Customers Expect Reliable Technicians

Insurance and States Require Accurate Records

Mobile software for your pool service company.

The Problem

Managing customers and billing them for the work you do is time consuming! Collecting for monthly service, parts & chemicals used, and getting customers to approve additional work takes away from your ability to service more pools.

Our Solution

Our Free mobile and web system allows you to manage customers, schedule technicians, record work performed, manage parts, and get customer approvals to perform additional work.  Your customers are automatically billed for service, parts, chemicals, and additional work performed!


Track customers, pools, work performed, and payments!


Schedule service routes, technicians, customer approvals, & work performed.


Know what parts have been installed and automatically bill your customer.

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Accept credit cards and automatically bill customers each month.



Access your critical business information from phone or mobile tablet. Service techs report work performed from their phone.



Take pictures and send them to customers alerting them of possible problems or to show the condition of their pool.



Send quotes to customers and they approve with a simple click on their phone.



Send customers messages about possible problems with their pool and they can respond from their phone giving you a great way to communicate with your customers.


How much does AquaFii cost to use?  Nothing!  You can use AquaFii 100% free for your business.   You will not see ads, we will not push you or your customers to buy anything, we will not share your data with anyone.

How do we keep the lights on and pay our bills?  Click Learn More.


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