About Us

Clearwater's rugged ClearSat-15TM mixed-layer drifters, ClearSat-1TM surface drifter, and ClearSatTM marker buoys are used from the Earth's equator to its poles to help study and predict the global environment. Our clients, including physical and biological oceanographers, marine meteorologists, and others, use Clearwater equipment to closely observe surface water properties such as velocity, temperature, air pressures, and wind.

Always an innovator, Clearwater:

  • was first to air-deploy drifters
  • developed the first SLDMB
  • and delivered the first GPS drifter, allowing enhanced surface current location accuracy in dynamic environments.

Innovation continues at Clearwater, with our newest products featuring high-volume data delivery and multi-level temperature and velocity observing systems.

In Waters Around the World

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