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The sun shined, and the sand of the desert seemed warm.

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We're moving at a good speed now.

It's not his ability, but his character that is at issue.

Nothing is more pleasant than to take a walk on a fine spring day.

Icebreakers are used to carry cargo and break ice.

Is there anyone else who can answer?

After lunch, they usually have a nap.

This is the house.


I cannot give this dictionary to anyone.

I'll stay home in case it rains tomorrow.

Nobody tells me anything.

The groom hid inside the wedding cake.

I'm sure the guy you saw wasn't Deb.

The customer contended that she had been cheated.

Leon finally called me yesterday.

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Your payment is now two months overdue.

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I still can't believe it.

John lit a candle and went down to the basement.

I share the room with my sister.

Melinda told his son not to eat with his mouth open.

We usually just text.


Run for the hills.

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It must be The.

You won't believe your eyes.

Giovanni has always been my staunchest ally at work.


The bus arrived ten minutes late.

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I'm dying for you.

According to the makers of the Oxford English Dictionary, there are over 800,000 words in the English language.

Locusts came in big swarms.

This statue belongs to her.

Nice to meet you.

Kanthan was better than me.

I'm not upset, but I'm really disappointed.


Everybody in here already knows that.


I assume all our equipment is still up to date.

He does not watch TV at all.

Of course, Morgan won.

Randell hasn't kissed me in three months.

How can a change of attitude be achieved?

Who were you with on the Ferris wheel?

Marsh closed the venetian blinds.


I have literally nothing to do.

Walter reached for another card.

It'll take three hours, tops.

You're not sleeping enough.

You shouldn't underestimate Seymour.


Is he your friend?

Without your help, we wouldn't be able to carry out our plan.

The two cars collided with a crash.


Pratt is extraordinarily good-looking.

Youtube is the source of fame of brand new stupid singers like Justin Bieber

Why do you want to do that anyway?

I want to close the door.

Jakob's apartment looks great after he had it re-carpeted.


I was trying to rescue Vinod.

If you find a bad wife and get married to her, then it will certainly be difficult to be happy later.

I'm going to Boston with Tanaka.

Tracey grew up in foster care.

His only wish was to see his son one last time.

I'm going to buy a new camera. This time it will be a digital one.

It's going to be good.

I've been to Boston three times.

Cut off the electricity.


Do you have something you'd like to say?

He has plans.

I'll buy that back from you if that's what you want.

Hui is digging his own grave.

What a charming couple!

I'm troubled by this mole.

They're the only ones Novorolsky can trust.

Some people say that the theory of evolution is "only" a theory but a scientific theory is something that has been proven to be true.

Edward answered the next question on the list.

I'm not worried about losing my job.

I may be right.

Frank asked me for some money.

Clyde's dad loved to study the stars.

What a big talk.

Linda is the perfect man for the job.

Lorien spent all weekend doing an assignment that was due by Monday.

Especially during times of economic crisis, price becomes a dominant factor in deciding whether to buy any product.

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Are you correct?

Son always forgives Ronni, no matter what she does.

Maybe we shouldn't have stayed in Boston so long.

They hugged him.

I am not very good at sizing people up quickly.

Linley usually eats his lunch alone.

You're the only person I know that has ever visited Boston.

Don't worry. Piete will be fine.

Tracy and Rodent share the responsibility for it.

I have had it with Jarvis.

Her unexpected visit got him all worked up.


My foot fell asleep.

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Joubert still has a slight limp.

God knows why.

It could go either way.


I saw a large snake today.


He obeys in school, but at home he is difficult.

We used the transcripts of the recordings of telephone conversations.

Jinny closed the door and locked it.

It was drizzling.

I don't like visiting big cities.

She spent her life in pursuit of the truth.

Don't underestimate her.

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You do your thing, I'll do mine.

Sundaresan saw Rebecca on TV.

My wife is three years younger than I am.


Meg is about the same height as Ken.

The walls are hidden by ivy.

The three of them began to laugh.


People believed her to be dead.

I just got him off to school.

Brad found out where Carlo lives.

Left alone, she felt very tired.

Jane has money to spare.

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To tell the truth, it's a pity that you are just wandering around in the world.


His face went to pieces with tears.

I'm afraid you've misunderstood this.

Hurry up, please.

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Judith's little squirrel has now learned how to fetch nuts.

I find Italian food very desirable.

You can finish it at home.

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We had words again last night, so today we're not speaking.


You must be thirsty.

I admired them.

Why don't you try one of these?

It could be anybody.

She's going out to buy some things.

How can I desert the fleet?

I'm happy you liked it.


We threw them out.


I saw Mike in the hall.

Make sure that the gas has been turned off.

They're relentless.


The man drove his car at a uniform speed.

When Alvin and I were in Boston, we visited Lester.

It's definitely a bad idea.

There isn't anyone here.

Tomas had a knife in his hands.

This is a great way to practice.

Rick was the first to enter the room.


If you want to speak to me, please call me up.

You need to be home before midnight.

Pierre is looking for a new job.

I hadn't considered not going to the meeting.

The audience consisted mainly of students.

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I assume you're going somewhere with this.

Someday, dear language learner, you must stop poring over IPA charts and start listening to people.

Put your pants on.

McKinley spent three-and-a-half-million dollars.

Hey, I was going to call you.

You have two balls.

Kemal is always dissatisfied.

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I think the wind's picking up.

I'll go talk to her.

Svante had to take a test yesterday.

The population of Japan is one-eighth as that of China.

I am tired like a dormouse.

Leon agreed with Bob.

A bad cold confined her to her bed.

Ritchey wanted from Shel more than he could provide.

That's why I came here.

We're going inside.

Everybody here knows me.

Tell me you understand the difference.

I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry.