You must make your own decisions.

Vic speaks fast.

He tricked her into agreeing to his proposal.

I was already employed at a restaurant.


Everyone is going to be there.

That's about right.

You shouldn't make fun of Andre.


Suddenly, it became noisy.


The girl lifted the heavy box with one hand.

Nadeem needs to talk to you.

There is a little boy walking with his dog.

I should have stayed in bed.

Please do not try this at home.


We could not resist the force of his logic.


People say that Japan is the richest country in the world.

Manufacturers are liable for defects in their products.

See to it that he does not go there.


Made in Italy, these jeans were very expensive.

He never gave way to temptation.

They will not give the prize to her.

My son wants to be a professional golfer.

How long do I have?

He doesn't have any real friends.

The tree was struck by lightning.


You'll need a photograph of yourself for identification.

Let's start with the good news.

Who are we competing against?


My mother cooked a big turkey for Thanksgiving.


You are my equal; not my inferior or superior.


By signing a contract, you agree to certain terms and conditions.

I've lost track of him.

I'm a bit of an open book.

Cook 300 grams of rice.

Will you warm the milk, please?

Phiroze was snoring loudly.

Will you do me the honor of dining with me?

Milner exaggerates.

Mongo asked Ron if she had drunk all the milk.

Such behavior is just like Meg.

Caffeine is a drug.


They've helped the needy.

I'm afraid you're right.

Juergen was well liked by his teammates.

Is there anything you want to tell me, Josh?

I got swept up in the lyrics and the moment.

My university has a dorm.

That's Bill all over.

Tuna looks happy to see Markus.

Rainer started to date a man she met at a dinner party.

I have a family.

We are going to have a storm.


Do we have to get up early tomorrow morning?

He kept on working.

I will fight to the death.

What am I supposed to think?

The man was young.


Can he write this character?

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Everybody loves him.

He produced a rabbit out of his hat by magic.

A fat guy with moustache just walked in.

Let's stay until the end of the game.

Vadim is still hungry.

He conceded us the use of his yacht.

It was all about looks.

I think it good for you to read this book.

Michelle said he'd be in a meeting until 2:30.

I prefer history to geography.

Daryl told me that he had feelings for me since he first met me.

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The identity of the boy who had been missing was verified by the clothes he was wearing.

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We're doomed.

I'll make it simple.

How about this for your room?

She fell in love with him at first sight.

He is the head of marketing.

He lives alone in an apartment.

We can depend on her to help us.

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How much does it cost for one person?

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I'll do anything to help.


Today I'm going to visit my grandfather's grave.

Trying may have come in.

They arrived too soon.

Does this car belong to you?!

I'm glad it's not me.

I've decided to go to Boston.

I'll remember this incident forever.

My sister has a quick temper. She easily gets mad.

His daughters have gone to Tokyo.

Roosevelt went to church in the morning.

He booked a room for me at the inn.

Mariou had no complaints.

He has gone back to California for good.

Don't play innocent with me.

They established settlements in Africa.

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I don't know why Billy went to Boston.

I haven't seen him in weeks.

He has just come back from Paris.

I don't have a lot of patients.

Tell him to let the dog in.

She drinks non-alcoholic beer almost every day because beer is her favorite drink, but she doesn't want to drink alcohol every day.

We congratulated him on his success.

This is all a mystery to me.

They raised me.

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Julia is clearly out of his mind.

What should I name it?

Sumitro doesn't want to go alone.

Don't you ever call her?

Kyung is a sexy woman.

I'd really like it if you'd come to my party.

You can put five of them across the head of a match.

Phill felt he needed to make amends.

I am parking my car near the office.

I just want to get off this bus.

Everyone except Duane and Val left.

You can hear everything.

Although she is rich, she is not happy.

Whatever happened to him?

The place is at its best in spring.

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Emily told the police that he shot Darryl in self-defense.

As far as I am concerned, I have no objection to the plan.

Lucifer and Barrett have a very complicated relationship.

They were caught red-handed.

He told me that he lost his textbook the morning before that.

I'd like to help them prove it.

Sabrina was still asleep.


You heard coughing, didn't you?


Why don't you leave?


Eddie adapted last year's lesson plans so he could use them with this year's lower level students.

Harv couldn't understand.

They heard a gun go off in the distance.


There's too much at stake.


How do I know that you're not working for Jerrie?


Ken may well be glad about the result of the test.

Next time I visit San Francisco, I'd like to stay at that hotel.

I think what you're saying is true.

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I am listening to an old song.


Julia is a widow.


I can't believe I'm even considering this.


It's a curse.


Several relatives have recommended this residential hotel.

The amount of money the government earns in taxes determines the amount of money it can spend on welfare.

How did you convince Carlos?

Who will compensate for the loss?

But your function isn't Lipschitz continuous!

That might not work.

The bridge connects the two cities.

Would you please wait for a minute?

Kelly's dog woke him up a little after midnight.

He seemed surprised by my ignorance.

Can you hear what Lui is saying?


No matter what, I won't change my decision.

You're full of surprises today.

I can't get rid of my cold.

I'm going to see the sights of Paris next year.

It's still dark out.

I saw Carolyn and Steve making out in the movie theater last night.

I want to see what Kriton found.

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My grandmother went peacefully in the night.

I borrowed money from them.

Jordan doesn't have much time left.

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The tree cast a shadow across the road.

Do you know what his name is?

I still can't work it out.

You're German, aren't you?

She ought to have known better than to say that.