I'm taking it slow right now.

These slums are a disgrace to the city.

We should be someplace else.

I know you don't like him.

That was really nice.

Did you break them?

He expressed himself very well in English.


They don't know anything about you.

Our company's agent in Rio will meet you at the airport.

I'm used to hearing sirens.

Did you hear about yesterday's fire?

Thomas stole some money from me.

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At last the boat came alongside the ship, and now the queen saw that it was a stone boat, out of which there came up on board the ship a fearfully ugly witch.

There will be no big typhoon for the moment.

Is Ji alone?


A new initiative strives to minimize the number of accidents.

You are too old not to see the reason.

Tuan broke the rules.


He lied about the matter.

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Why do you think?

It was a blatant attempt to win Sundar over.

I'm always in harmony with myself.

Let me know when you will arrive at the airport.

The car is black.

I told her that I'd help you.

Very beautiful. Thank you very much!

It is difficult for a theory to survive such a test.

I love when things start falling into place.


Murthy will wash the dishes.

We're finished already.

No other woman in our company is so proud as she.


Automobile production has peaked out.

Moderate exercise will be of benefit to your health.

No one will speak for you.


Carisa hadn't been prepared for that.

Thank you for calling me.

I didn't know there would be an Osaka edition.

It was consensual.

Heavy snow prevented the train from departing.

The grandfather told the grandsons.

As is often the case with him, he went to the office without shaving.


Precision in measurement is necessary.

Could you put your cup on a coaster?

Where is her book? It is on the table.

All I want to do during the dog days is stay indoors and keep out of the sun.

Elric couldn't be contacted.


Don't spit on the walls.

Please make sure the drinking water is pure.

Whose turn is it to drive?

What was her name?

She believes that jade has medicinal properties.


At last we can afford a house.

She made up for lost time by working hard.

I should have brought my umbrella. Large raindrops are starting to fall.

Should I make some tea?

Boys are fond of mischief.

My stomach is grumbling.

He is a thoroughly dishonest character.

There was some meat left over.

I know what Jurevis said.


This machine is easy to handle.

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I think Duane is too young.

Is it true that the Pacific side of Japan is cheerful while the Sea of Japan side of Japan is more quiet?

Where do you keep your medication?

I really am very thirsty.

He took the trouble to show me the way to the station.

Sergei didn't get home until way after midnight.

I'll come over after I finish the work.

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He thrust the door open and marched in.

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It took him several weeks to recover from the shock.

My father is an early riser.

Isn't it so?


He bought a thimble.

The students were required to learn the Constitution by heart.

That's good thinking, Tran.


He drove onto the mine and his jeep exploded.

It was their idea.

Did you have a good time in Boston?

Charlie continued working after a short break.

As a child I was always very excited the day before a school trip and couldn't sleep.

Keep notes.

It remains to be seen what kind of picture we will be faced with in the end.

I was raised in an orphanage in Boston.

The growth rate of the Japanese economy will top 0.7% this year.

This is sensitive.

I don't hate my sister.

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They're hard to find.


All of a sudden, three dogs appeared in front of us.

"I have a very sweet husband," said Johnathan.

They manage to get along without much money.

That sounds a little hard to believe.

I'm tougher than you think.


Alvin was wearing a black sweater when I met her.

Not only did he give me advice, but also money.

Bob brought such good news that they jumped up with joy.


It should be fine.


Uh oh, I saved over it.


She had an abortion.

We could do it together.

I am shooting with a Russian machine-gun.


I added a room to my house.

I eat lunch at the same time every day.

I like to make Part laugh.

It is necessary to look towards the future: whoever doesn't look forward doesn't progress; and as you make your bed, so you must lie on it.

Your Majesty, open the door. It is cold out here.

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We did not think her loud dress was appropriate for the time and place.

I lost my wallet on the way to school.

Kris has admitted his guilt.


Do you have any food?

Ping said he saw that movie with Tharen.

I wasn't honest.

The birds flew off in different directions.

I'll have none of it.


Srinivasan was very busy today.


That book is written in French.


We agreed on a price.

Nowadays there are railways all over England.

I had to pay in cash.


He stayed in New York for three weeks.


I think that is based on a lack of mutual understanding.

I was startled beyond speech.

I have much work today.


I apologize if I offended you.


Move it along, Kylo.

Leave it in the refrigerator until it sets.

It's too cold for me.

I think you'll be very pleased.

A day will be and food will be.


I'm looking forward to serving your company.

Robin started playing.

They will follow him.


Clean up the kitchen.

Let's hope I'm wrong and Michelle will be able to do it without our help.

I'm blind, not deaf.

Ira stumbled over something on the ground.

Next to smoke, don't make someone cry.

Nici wasn't able to do what he wanted to do.

We can always count on Nichael in an emergency.

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Did you buy these for Ric?

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The old man became childish before his death.

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The ladies' dresses are on the floor.


Let me have a look.

Do you have a crush on Gary?

They met on the way to work.

He went to bed after supper.

Jinchao and his friends played basketball last weekend.

To what degree can we trust him?

He has a considerable income.

You have no taste.

I don't speak to Ernest.

I do not want to know this.

He's pretty cute.

He was knocked unconscious.

Oh, the humanity!

He took the wrong bus by mistake.

Jayesh is convinced that something is wrong with Kate.

I'm pleased with my new bathing suit.

The attack began without enough planning.

May I go?

Who do you know at the Boston Police Department?