Ralph has three sons, I believe.


Randall can't find one.


This is a good suggestion.

I got your messages.

Swamy forgot the anniversary of their first date.

We must learn to meet adversity gracefully.

Herzl waited in the dimly lit room. At times he would fidget restlessly in boredom.

Van opened the trunk of his car and took out the spare tire.

Masanao is sprawled out on his bed.

I was unaware that Tommy was having problems.

He brought her dog to school.

I don't swear.

I heart Germany.

What did you get exactly?

Nothing to add!


The students like it.

What's your answer?

As I've got no cash, can I pay by check?


We have new evidence to prove Hy's innocence.


So, are you free tonight?

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Dan had a college degree and was good at translation.

Winter is the season I like best.

I'm going to do it for you.

Why don't you go for a swim?

I'm pretty sure that Theo doesn't like Vilhelm.

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Cristina asked what I was going to do.

Christie snores.

My daughter, I may say it to you so that my daughter-in-law should understand it.


I read the label.

I'm sorry that I cannot come over today.

Helen is a saint.

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She made me cookies.

If everything goes according to plan, I should be back home again tomorrow night.

I'd like to welcome you all aboard.


Since you have a smart phone now, you can chat with me on Facebook any time.

She's good.

Paula and Evan splashed each other playfully.


I'm ready for anything.


I've got wine.

I'm afraid I spilled coffee on the tablecloth.

Conrad's eyes are wide open.


They were seated at the table in a restaurant.

Would you like to stay longer?

Are you still mad at her?


Why are you being so noisy?

How much is the rent for this room?

Christopher almost passed out from the heat.

Al unfolded the map.

When my father went into the hospital, I had to put everything on hold.

The sun will set in two hours.

My ass!

He married Ann.

I brush my teeth.


That's a layman's idea.

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What is the name of this bird?


I put my fingers in my ears to block out the terrible sounds.

Rain is wonderful.

Can we do this together?

Mr Jones is tasting the soup his wife made.

How old is your child?

He is in charge of entertaining the foreign guests.

I'm glad someone told me.


I'll feed the dog.

Flesh gives birth to flesh, Spirit gives birth to Spirit.

There are a lot of people and cars in this city. It is a busy city.

A rainbow consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

My brother-in-law easily loses his temper from trivial matters.

I like the way you make scrambled eggs.

I feel bad about having made you wait so long.

Hamilton is extremely outspoken.

We wouldn't mind helping them.

Vistlik is just getting what he deserves.

Please knock before you come in.

I handed it over to you; I don't have it anymore.

I should've told them earlier.

I can't explain it any other way.

What is your nickname?

I'll save them.

Conflicting reports prompted the director to reconsider her position.


What would I not do for him?


Maybe Bruno gave it to Spyros.

The damage from the flood was negligible.

No matter when you come, I'll play a game of Japanese chess with you.

He was angry at the suggestion that he was dishonest.

This house will not sell as it stands.

Sofoklis and Kriton are circulating the photos on the Internet.

Join if you're a musician.


Tell Jennifer to bring Loukas along.

I'm going to leave one night early.

Holly is the person who motivated me and gave me strength at all times to go ahead in the right direction.

I bought tickets from a scalper.

I think you should go to college.


I'm pleased with what I did.

I still don't feel very well.

Elric accompanied Francisco on the guitar.

The President vetoed the law after Congress passed it.

I bought that from a street vendor.

Somebody took a shot at her.

No one has a problem with that.

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He spent his sixtieth birthday in the hospital.

The price rose.

Doyle is Turkeer's brother.

Look at the boy beside the car.

Shirley told the children an interesting story.

Why didn't you go to Germany?

Kathryn made several tries, but failed each time.

I think it's better if we get divorced.

Joubert looks totally confused.

Did she say anything else about me?

When was the last time you cut your nails?

He is humble about his opinion.

What we want to do next is add some salt.

Found anything interesting?

Spock and Ernie are alone in the back room.

It is a bell.

All Srivatsan did was watch TV all day.

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I've done my job.


I think everybody's only pretending they don't hear you.


Promises have to be kept.

Would you like that?

There was no sign of dinner appearing before I left.


Mom is playing tennis now.

I'll discuss it with my wife.

Food shouldn't look like this.


Do you still need a babysitter for Monday night?

Sabrina is as blind as a bat.

Do you really want me to tell John?

I asked Glen for Spass's phone number.

I served with Ramneek in the special forces.

She is sophisticated.

He broke up with his girlfriend; that's why he often tries to kill himself.

That's a bit much.

Right now, all I want to do is sleep for a few hours.

Attendance had been falling off and such people as did come sat about indifferently.

A human body consists of a countless number of cells.

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He earns over 500 dollars a month at that job.

The results were not definitive, but I'm sure the DNA's a match.

I love butterflies.


Pardon me, but that is my racket.


He absented himself from the meeting.

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Marvin promised himself he'd never do that again.

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You can't be serious?

We need one more volunteer to go on a mission to rescue Malus.

Tell Wes how you're feeling.


I don't know when he'll be here.


He will be a good husband.


Saul isn't in a good mood today.


I happen to know him.


Why didn't you stay with Rolfe?

I want to know how Saqib does it.

Your apology's accepted.

I'm giving it to him.

I know you were giving Ricky money.

If it was hurting that much, he wouldn't be playing outside.

She excels them all at swimming.

Aren't you a little young?

Sangho became aware that Sergiu was staring at him.

Christophe was staring into space.

I'm sore all over.

Success in life calls for constant efforts.

Give me some paper to write on.