He's handsome and funny.


It looks like you've got other problems.

He achieved his purpose of studying abroad.

Your pants are unzipped.

Let's be safe.

I spent yesterday afternoon with my cousin Gian.

She killed about two hours watching TV.

It's hard to blame Sergeant.

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Find out all you can about Thuan's business.


I told you Beckie shouldn't be trusted.

I didn't expect to ever see him again.

Let me tell you something else.


Not once did she look at me.

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Dustin has answered all the questions.

I told Earnie he should tell Jinny he didn't want to see her anymore.

We've got a lot of work to do.


Taurus and Ricky have a lot in common.

Yes, I've been there a couple of times.

Marnix isn't as tall as Blaine.


Rabbits have long ears.

I want to buy another one.

I knew Andrea would accept my invitation.

I'm looking for my eyeglasses.

I don't know where to begin.

Do you know for sure that Ian is behind that?

Now that his father was dead, he owned the store.

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Did Damon see anything?

It's really nothing to worry about.

I have cookies for breakfast every day.

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I want him to wash the car.

Herb doesn't know who built his house.

I say "You walk on the ice." two times.

I have a high temperature.

I love the name Bella, it means pretty, right?


Virtuosity requires years of daily practice from childhood.


Dick is probably dead.

Nigeria is the world's largest producer of cassava.

How do I get to the bus station?


At long last, you will get married in June.


She has great respect for her teacher.

Promise me you won't do that.

I love what you've done to this place.

Do you want to dance with me?

I'd like to go home.

Graham is taking me out to dinner tonight.

Department stores sell numerous things.

Under the Tatoeba guidelines, it is recommended that members only add sentences in their native language and/or translate from a language they can understand into their native language. The reason for this is that it is much easier to form natural-sounding sentences in one's native language. When we write in a language other than our native language, it is very easy to produce sentences that sound strange. Please make sure you only translate the sentence if you are sure you know what it means.

Trying told a very funny joke.

I doubt Siegurd is really a doctor.

Share it with me.

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I think we ought to hire more people.

I, too, am worried about Dorothy.

Kirsten knows all the tricks of the trade.

One stayed and the other went away.

I'm quite sure.

After he left, she started feeling uneasy.

This is the first time I've parked my car in the woods.

Chris didn't waste time responding.

He was raving.

It goes around the sun in 365 days.

The population of Yokohama is larger than that of Osaka.

I admire her truly.

Where's your baby?


I must have lost my purse in the supermarket.

What's your speciality?

My dog always barks at the mailman.

I'm an addict.

On the whole I am satisfied with the result.


Ruth is the one who woke me up.

I'm really tired and want to go to bed early.

They know how to party.


They ignored him.


Come back here!


Frances was accused of breaking and entering.


The police seized a large quantity of drugs at the school.

You were my Yoda and I'll miss your right-on-target advice.

The family is the most important unit in society.

I like all kinds of music.

How long does the spring break last?


What if he says no?

Danny DeVito and ferocious lions and tigers are best avoided.

I know Pim will be missed.

I will be taking a lot of memories with me that will never be forgotten.

She seldom uses nail polish.

Let's see what we're dealing with.

There are people who cannot see a pearl even when it says "I am a pearl, I'm a pearl."

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I'm prejudiced.

Gill didn't know how to answer Valerie's question.

We cannot live without air and water.

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I'm really happy I ran into you.


I couldn't keep from crying.

I'll go next.

I'll make allowances for your lack of experience.

That really wasn't easy!

You shouldn't be here.

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She turned her back on Christie.

He dropped his wallet, and now it's mine.

We'll go wherever the action is.

We could talk about her.

Sir turned off the device.

Last night was very hot and muggy, so I didn't sleep so well.

They had no qualifications.

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Most, if not all, people enjoy eating.

Could I please have one more can of beer?

It is surprising that you should know her name.

Is everyone recovering?

Kelly quickly glanced at the photo on the desk.

Cindie is getting what he deserves.

Son doesn't need to do that right now.

I was told to come in.

The engineer does not live. It works.

Since there are no buses on this road, we will have to walk.

I haven't called her back.


I know it's illegal.

I'm tired from lack of sleep.

Brush your teeth clean after each meal.


Do I really have to wear this?

Stagger sounds disappointed.

Wendi has a lot of bad habits.

She stabbed him in the back.

George has been there for three years.

It's like bedlam in here.

In those days, Germany had a strong army.

I just stopped by to pick up a few things.

Tuna said you sprained an ankle.


They reported seeing the incident.

I saw Terrance yesterday.

What's on for tonight?

I didn't think Colin knew.

You're spoiling the mood.

I'll be free tonight

Craig speaks ill of Douglas.

You look like you're about to throw up.

Nobody's volunteering.

He had almost no formal education.

Life is not all beer and skittles.

Ric finds it difficult to eat with his new dentures.

How come you know so much?

They carried the injured player away on a stretcher.

The words of a drunk man are the thoughts of a sober man.

Sorry, but could you answer the phone for me?

Stan opened the car door to get in.

How are you doing? It's been a long time since we last met, hasn't it?

I was sitting next to them.


Don't put off your departure on account of me.

You can pick out any book you like.

She made up a parcel of old clothes for the refugees.

She implored for mercy.

How do we know it isn't a trap?


I never said I was an artist.

She interrogated a suspect.

I need to find her.

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I'm sorry. I didn't mean to surprise you.

Gross National Product is not the same as Net National Product.

Didn't I tell you Lorraine would be late?

He went to Paris, which is the capital of France.

You're breaking my heart.

It caused quite a commotion.

These two lines are at right angles.

His company didn't survive the crisis.

She hates getting up early in the morning.

You'd better watch it, buddy.

Before astronomers had telescopes, they could only use quadrants to map objects in the sky.

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What's it look like to you?

"Does your watch keep good time?" "No, it gains ten minutes a day."

I am just going for a walk.