No more can be said.

Jane still hates me.

Do people ever accuse you of being temperamental?

I'll go through both the good times and the bad with you.

He was in charge of the fundraising efforts.


The two sisters lived very quietly.

You might want to leave that.

Let's go to the zoo!


Gabriel often quarrels with Arthur.

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Now there are charms and talismans for your pet that you can have blessed.

He is facing many difficulties.

You are to blame for the failure.

We're not scaredy-cats.

The best yarn is that spun by hand.

We will give them moral support.

Antony's attitude is quite simple to understand.

I'm the same height as he is.

It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse has been stolen.

Emet, we need more meat!

My youngest sister has piano lessons twice weekly.

The band released an album of tributes to the groups that had influenced their sound.

"Do you want to play with me?" "Not with you!"

Bill, answer the door.

How do I know that Lindsey is the one for me?

I ruined my clothing.

I need to say goodbye.

What a fool I was!

Where was Vern captured?

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We think you're doing very well here.


Jong wants to sweep the house.

He'll be glad to see you.

Tammy killed Bret in self-defense.

Ilya is quite snobby.

He's jealous.


She swerved to avoid hitting a tarantula as big as a catcher's mitt in the middle of the road.


What a lovely day it is today!

We're conservative.

Leung doesn't want Harris there.


I went to a book sale yesterday and bought lots of great books.

You're depressing me.

They just cleaned their room.


I want to know where they are.


Can she read a sci-fi book in a logographic language? Are there logograms she can't read?


He is going to New York next week.

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You will conform.

The teacher is always finding fault with his students.

Ray is a member of the neighbourhood watch.


We looked up.

I think that most, if not all, of my students will pass the test.

Troy travels a lot.

Do you actually know how to do this?

The bed is on fire!

The new line of dresses is from Paris.

I'm really rich, I assure you that.

I love you, silly.

Sanand is not the one who borrowed my car.

He came while I was still asleep.

In the second example, the interpreter mistranslates the salutation.

Life has its ups and downs.

I hope you will be pleased with this present.

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This is the best method to solve that problem.

With an American father and a French mother, she is bilingual.

How weird.

That girl can't ride a bicycle.

What did Brooke take?

I couldn't think who she was when she spoke to me.

Would you like to get together again next weekend?

We had a bumper crop this year.

The restaurant is full.

You're almost as old as I am.

Michel shot a bear with the rifle his father gave him.

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Stacey looks very disappointed.

There's no point in worrying about it now.

Guus Hiddink is Dutch.

Cory certainly has a temper.

We haven't had anything to eat for almost three days.

What's the distance from here to Salamanca?

He thinks he is somebody, but really he is nobody.

He knows how to teach languages.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to need some help.

To explain the risks is very important.

Sheila and Boyce were held as hostages for three months.

I've never done this kind of thing before.

Malcolm's parents let him stay out late at night.

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I tell ya, you're in deep trouble, my lad.


They insisted on my making use of the opportunity.

Lanny made a dog house for Cookie.

Rodney never laughed.

I utterly despise formal writing!

There is an urgent need for blood donations.

Wendi went to the beauty salon to get a manicure.

Please read the instructions.


How has Guy changed?

The beautiful widow stood by the coffin, her eyes veiled with tears.

It's strange that men should take up crime when there are so many legal ways to be dishonest.

I need to do that.

I really do enjoy it.

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You have a lot of nerve.

"It seems that you know the country well." "I think so", answered Ariel, smiling.

Spencer is at the door. Please ask him in.

Father showed him into the study.

When you travel abroad, you feel very expansive, and it's easy to overspend in a mood like that.

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My Angolan friend speaks Umbundu.

I feel I'm wasting my time.

They are all special.


Do you agree with King's recommendations?

Many children are yelling, which is annoying.

Your father hasn't answered my letter yet.


Since I could remember, my grandfather has had a garden.

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Which do you like better, this or that?

Spy seldom goes out on Monday.

It's not dumber than you.

Stagger is a bit naive.

Where did you get your hair cut?


Manchester United is one of the most successful teams in both the Premier League and England.

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How was your afternoon?

I don't waste their money.

Glenn got the ticket for free.


Actions, not words.

You should do that soon.

We all did well.


I really don't have an opinion about it.


Again and again; you still haven't changed at all.

Mac helped me carry the vacuum cleaner.

Leave the thinking up to me.

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Organic food tastes better.

The exercises are simple and effective.

A lot of people starved during that war.

Never be defeated by the malice of people, by their agression and their hate, no matter how intense.

No one should have to suffer like that.

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This kid is smarter than average.

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It looks like I'm going to have to varnish my bookshelves again.


It is said that he is the richest man in the world.

Tell Marco not to be late.

They were dancing with the music.


Children go back to school in autumn.


If it rains tomorrow, let's stay home.

Enter into that cabin.

She was formerly a bank clerk.

He's working on it.

We're doing what we can.

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Your opinion means a lot to me.

Miss March gave me an English dictionary.

These are so cheap. We should buy enough for the next year or two.

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I read newspapers in order to keep up with the times.


Surya doesn't have that kind of money.

At the bar.

We have a nice house.

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This is the garden I laid out last year.

He tried getting closer to her using every possible means.

We stayed at a hotel by the lake.

Let's find out who killed her.

A wise man would not do such a thing.

All traffic was halted to let the presidential motorcade pass.

I got stabbed three times last year.


What comes from the heart, goes into the heart.


I looked at Emily's face.


What kind of camera does Randell own?