This young lady is from Russia.

Summer days can be very, very hot.


I think I should've asked for help.


There's nothing to see.

Kristen dreamed of her often.

I'd like to borrow your car this afternoon.

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He is unmarried.


Don't fry bacon naked!


We were all rooting for you.

Did Ricardo say anything he shouldn't have?

I'd take it if I were you.

I don't think I need to go.

Okay, I'll do it.

No man is a prophet in his own land.

They want you out there right away.


Cross the road with care.


He aspired to the position of Prime Minister.

Mysore went into Sylvan's office.

The Society for Protection of Nature is a non-profit, non-governmental organization.


The people here are used to the cold.


This is not good at all.

We'll investigate the matter.

Interest accrued from the money left in my savings account.


Irving followed Brandi down the stairs.

Do you want to be a bartender all your life?

Remember what we talked about.

Julian is a published writer.

The ancient Gnostics believed that this material world was innately malevolent.

The doctors can't even say what's wrong with Amos.

Boyd said, "budge over," forced his way in and sat down.

You look relaxed.

I like that tie of yours.


What did you do when you knew that your house was haunted?


I didn't think I'd be back here until next summer.


I want to live here.

I promise to tell you if I find something proper.

Herve intends to go regardless of the weather.


Eduardo's friendship means a lot to me.

The small boat was at the mercy of the wind.

Do you read Merat's blog?

As is often the case, she's not here.

I'll tell you a secret that will change your life.

I can't believe that you were a cheerleader.

I make sure not to cross this street, even if I am in a hurry.


I've lost my keys.


None of this is good.


It's going to be a little bit of a problem.

The boy was crying in the room.

He has no idea what he's doing.

Someone is standing at the gate.

Illness frustrated his plans for the trip.

All our children are immune to measles.

I think Ji really deserves it.


Unfortunately I don't know a single word in Turkish.

Teri is a speech writer.

I hope I'm not bothering you.

The doctors say the dying man should have kicked the bucket hours ago, were he an ordinary man, but he is still defying death.

Do you only have this bag with you?

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The international conference was to be held in February this year.


You know enough.

The oil pipeline is leaking.

She was stabbed in the back.


This isn't easy to do well.

You shall not use this form while speaking American English.

Never say the word "bomb" on an airplane.

I have to ask you about him.

Land prices are very high in Japan.

These kinds of mistakes are inevitable.

Be quiet for a moment.

Can you just tell me now, so I don't have to come back tomorrow?

The animal struggled to get out of the cage.


He went in the opposite direction from us.

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I didn't find the book in the library, so I decided to buy it. Unfortunately it was too expensive. However I found it on the Internet.


Our company has branches in many cities.

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Colm is the person I thought I saw.


She bought a newspaper.

A cold spell gripped Europe.

I've visited my father's grave.


The audience buzzed with excitement.


I prefer to be looked upon as a teacher.


Everybody can see that he has a crush on her.

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The dishes were not so delicious, but otherwise the party was a success.

I don't even have a girlfriend.

Of course, Olaf was invited.

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Romeo marries Juliet.


Please buy a tube of toothpaste.


I'm sure that she will come back soon.

Herbert didn't know that Billy was already married.

By God, I never tell a lie.


I don't know why Lui was arrested.


The tea is hot.


These are his pens.

Work is in progress.

I do remember meeting you before.

Jussi said that was up to you.

What're you getting all excited about?

No wonder they have elected him chairman.

John writes a letter to his parents once a month.

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This is epic.

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Has anybody been shot?

I am an eighteen-year-old student of mathematics.

I know that if we discuss it, we can find a solution that will satisfy both of us.


You're such a brat.

We want to bring language tools to the next level. We want to see innovation in the language learning landscape. And this cannot happen without open language resources which cannot be built without a community which cannot contribute without efficient platforms.

Please don't talk.

He trembled at the thought of the earthquake.

This is my last one.

You're such a liar.

I said I'll be fine.


My home, what could be better?


Debbie looked up when he heard approaching footsteps.

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So, what you're telling me is that I have to work tomorrow.

She's a blonde girl.

We're very happy about our deal.

I'm here to help him.

I'm not in a homework-finishing mood.

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These chairs are not comfortable.


Kristin gave his servants the afternoon off.


They'll find me.


She gave a small cry of alarm and fled to the bathroom.


I became very sleepy after a bit of reading.

These are really good.

She can't ski.


Qing Qing, a seven-year-old panda, can even recognise its name.

Maybe we can stop at Micky's.

I say happy birthday.

I'm not satisfied either.

He made a speech in front of many people.

Where did Margie want to pitch the tent?

Hurry slowly.

When the nobles and other people became rich and educated, they forgot the old stories, but the country people did not, and handed them down.

We have the same dentist.

They went away.

Exactly what's the accusation here?

I appreciate your efforts to help me.

I have a theory about Shawn.

I'm a different person now.

Those books that are in the box have all been read.

Jennifer vomited into the bucket.

She looked as if she had been ill.

Today's Tigers-Giants baseball game was called off due to heavy rain.

The excited crowd poured out of the stadium.

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It'll take some time, but eventually we'll be able to rebuild.


Stop biting your nails.

Thad is just the man I've been looking for.

Wilmer struggled to raise Susanne as a single mother.


Because of this, Koko can understand hundreds of spoken words.

Give her a smile.

I love reading the messages hidden inside fortune cookies.