I'm waiting for a response from him.

The dedicated bike zone is most often at the rear of the train.

They'll make a new mistake.

I have made a careful examination of the situation.

Anna is only a few centimeters taller than Dimetry.

We are both her boyfriend and girlfriend.

I do business here.

Ssi's fingers are really long.


The onions have already sprouted.

You need to keep trying until you get it right.

Silvio Berlusconi is an Italian politician, the current Prime Minister of Italy, as well as a successful entrepreneur.

Does anybody care?

She looked at him and knew that he was angry.

Alton Brown doesn't like garlic presses. He says they only really have one function, which can be done with a knife.

Presley thinks that she is ugly.

Getting the novel, he begin to read it.

Alan won't get far.

Am I waiting in the wrong place?

Lorraine is a friend.

She is playing poker with them.

You have to ask yourself "Why do I believe what I believe?".

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I know how to fix this.

The most advanced voice recognition techniques are based on neural networks.

I love you dad.

The whole town was in an uproar.

Rajarshi is an extremist.

We came to play.

He is married with two children.

I couldn't do that again.

Shall I carry coffee to them?

I'll give you a hint.

Roxie was the first woman to hold a statewide office in any state in the country.

We found Carl's keys.

The more we know about our situation, the less we fear.

Gail checked into the hotel.

If the coffee is too strong, add some more water.

How long have you been in this business?

We will be best friends forever.

The police told me not to leave town.

The old man was loved by all.


Why did you even bother to come?

Vicki can play the harmonica and the guitar at the same time.

That kind of language ist uncalled for.

Why would you ever want to do a job like that?

If six saws saw six cypresses, six hundred saws will saw six hundred cypresses.

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Speak quietly.


Gregory has worked hard all his life.

Of course "Hayabusa" is not actually closing in on the Sun, it is just positioned as in the figure so that, seen from the Earth, it is on the opposite side of the Sun; this is called 'conjunction'.

Look what I found in our basement.

I wonder what his name is.

Who are you writing to?


Boyd lacks common sense.


Red sky at night, sailor's delight.

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I enjoy collecting rare coins.

I wouldn't mind helping them.

She has a gentle disposition.

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Why are you in such a good mood?

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Please put some more wood on the fire.

We found a glitch in the program that will have to be dealt with before we move on.

If you could only speak English, you would be perfect.

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Yesterday evening I wrote a letter.

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The news overwhelmed her. She struggled for words.

OK, sorry, see you tomorrow.

Who got married?


Can't I come in?

No one sees my tears.

What surprised me most was that she didn't like candy.

I have a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow.

We provide for disaster.

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Saad, a fugitive, tried to make it to Mexico.

I need to go home a little early today.

I told you Sheila would love it.

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The now ubiquitous occurrence of sectarian violence is the product of growing tensions between the country's different ethnic groups.

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Cheer up! Everything will soon be all right.


Despite searching high and low, Hughes couldn't find his wallet.

Eat snow.

My leg was broken in a traffic accident.

You didn't recognize me, did you?

Excuse me for one second.

Can you scratch my back?

Let me just go talk to Suwandi.

I think we're in luck.

It's weird isn't it?

It would make them rich!

You must prepare for the worst.


This is refreshing.

Cindie, help me. The zipper's stuck.

I have a hunch that it will rain.

I decided not to try anymore.

Do you prefer meat or fish?

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I'm afraid of not succeeding with this deal.

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I was attacked by a homeless man on the streets.

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We shouldn't lose our cool.


I wake up at half past six in the morning.

Why was he laughing?

We don't have much time left.

I think you did that intentionally.

Let's sit up front.


"Rathnakumar! Stop doing your homework. Go outside and play!" "No mom, I want to study ahead for the next test."

Cris was happy to see Piet again.

We can divide the work into three parts.

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Can a being create the fifty billion galaxies, each with one hundred billion stars, then rejoice in the smell of burning goat flesh?

She won't have this job much longer.

Is eating organic food worth the money?

I think it makes a difference.

I think you'd better give up.

I met her tonight.

Po is the one who's been taking care of that.

Soap can clean grime.

I require absolute loyalty from all my employees.

At the next intersection, take a right.

Shatter does like Werner.

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Steven's strong interest in Drew provoked my jealousy. But I managed to conceal.

I'll send my mother a letter.

Everyone knows that he's no saint. By defending him, we'd be accepting and encouraging his views.

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Noemi isn't homeless.

She's back from China.

As a result of a traffic accident, several persons were killed.

Smoking is prohibited in all restaurants in this city.

I saw an opportunity and I took it.


I feel like I'm close to a solution.

Don't forget to tell her that.

The accused was romantically linked with the judge.

The boy screamed for help.

Take a rest!

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Johnson refused to recognize the law.

I work at this company.

The judge's decision is final.


Rajarshi and I often eat lunch together.

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"So, that's what happened to Loren's squirrel?" "Yes, in a nutshell."

I'm getting tired just looking at taxis, at people. My head feels like it's going to explode.

I've never been so happy.

I performed your task.

At the time there were no native English speakers teaching in any public school.

Let her go!

You need a shave.

Give us an example.

The baby began to cry like anything.

How do you plan to proceed?

Horst used to sing that song with his band.

I wasn't talking about Raj.

I'll just do the best job I can.


The plane took off on time.

We'll never do that.

There is no opening in our firm.

He told the bookstore keeper that he would come there again to buy the book that afternoon.

Would you please wait for a minute?

Milner has been on leave for three weeks.

I'm too tired to drive. Could you drive?

This movie explores the possibilities.

A rich trader felt that the hour of his death was approaching.


I went back to my village during the summer vacation.


Some old men, by continually praising the time of their youth, would almost persuade us that there were no fools in those days; but unluckily they are left themselves for examples.

Hostilities permanently ceased.

She was injured in a car accident.

My grandfather is over eighty years old, but he is a good walker.

I asked her to close the door.

So far everything is all right.

She kissed me like anything.


Mitsubishi Bank merged with Tokyo Bank.

They don't have a shed.

A drop of sweat ran down his side.


I was surprised at the discovery.


Oh no, there are more straight ahead!