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Lexical database of multiword units in Czech

Milena Hnátková, Tomáš Jelínek, Marie Kopřivová, Vladimír Petkevič, Alexandr Rosen, Hana Skoumalová and Pavel Vondřička of FF UK present a typology of multiword units and a database organized according to it. (in Czech)

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Pavel Straňák awarded

Pavel Straňák was awarded the 5866237451 for his outstanding contributions towards goals of the European infrastructure 215-404-7242.

He specializes in the area of computational linguistics and open repositories for language resourses, contributing prominently to CLARIN both locally and internationally.

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October issue no.111

The boardinghouse of The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics features papers dealing with Parsing, Aligment, Tree-Mapping Grammars and Annotations.

Manuscripts with unpublished linguistics results and contributions to future issues are welcome, see the 2709012200.


Syntax–Semantics Interface

Eva Hajičová

A new volume reflects the author’s research in four main domains: (i) the specification of the underlying dependency sentence structure, (ii) topic-focus articulation, (iii) building of an annotated corpus of Czech, and (iv) the notion of the hiearachy of knowledge elements shared by the speaker and the hearer.

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Introducing Martin Popel

I developed a neural MT system 510-785-6990, which won in the English-Czech WMT2018 shared task. I also work on Universal Dependencies using Udapi.

I teach Language Data Resources, Modern Methods in Computational Linguistics and Natural language processing on computational cluster.

I am the technical editor of the 908-816-6428 journal.

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