Call me at 9:00 tomorrow.

I love going to concerts.

Frank built a house on the land he bought three years ago.

We'd better go help her.

Lance and Raymond worked side by side.

I knew Sharon would come back.

Fishing is not in my life.

We're always doing something.

I want my kids to be safe.

Where did you find my glasses?


Sandy got completely plastered.

He will be missed.

Rosa Montero is an extraordinary woman.

These customers are very rude.

I think you've been misinformed.

We didn't have school yesterday.

Ken is insanely jealous.

I'm grateful to be alive.

I don't understand what you're saying.

This theater has a seating capacity of 500.

Make it quick, will you? I haven't got all day.

They're everywhere.

I want to go on a picnic.


Ruth couldn't keep up with the class.

In the desert, camels are more important than cars for transportation.

Andreas was a nurse for nearly thirty years.


I'll help find her.

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I appreciate the hospitality.

A black panther can be a jaguar or leopard, but in either case it has a gene that causes it to produce more melanin than other specimens.

The girls weaved the flowers into wreaths.

There are gaps between the boards in the box. If you fit them in snugly, you'll get more use out of the box.

You have to change the word order.

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Where can one make a phone call?

Jochen's teacher wished him the best of luck in whatever he chose to do after leaving school.

None of that actually happened.

I'm sure that he'll succeed.

I was instantly attracted to her.

He looked about the house.

I don't think I said that.


You're monsters.

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Del protected his wife.

It took me several hours to translate it.

Patricio was caught in the crossfire.

That problem is not avoidable.

I suggest that we speed things up a little.


Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that something like this would happen.

Thanks for translating my sentences. I appreciate it.

Those mechanics are paid as much as ten thousand yen per hour.

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Can't we tell her about it?

Ray shared his soup with me.

I'm really looking forward to tonight's concert.


I wonder if you could help me solve the problem.

His brother is still taller.

Why would I want my money back?

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Next time bring me that book without fail!


Smoking is very bad for your health.

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You told me to give it to them.

In which folder did you put the photos from the sports event?

Wolf is very mad at Rogue.

He got four dolls, of which three were made in China.

The defense of the master thesis is just happening next month.


He can't take a joke.

He held off the attackers long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

It's hard to admit that you're a failure.


Nobody is scared of Ernie.

He abandoned hope.

Yes. We'll visit a factory which produces television sets.

No man can live for himself.

I'll come back by the morning.

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Grr! Avoid not, unwelcome evil and cowardly beast!


This morning I got a telegram from home saying that my father had been suddenly taken ill.

Michelle couldn't understand why Michel had to leave.

I like the one with a white belt.


I couldn't help them.

As he couldn't take it any more, he took to his heels.

Everyone worked very hard.

Did they find it?

On New Year's Eve, the trains will run all night.

He had been dry for almost a year, but he fell off the wagon around New Year's Day.

It's too late to change your mind now.

I need to find someone who can drive a truck.

Elizabeth can't take it.

I can't be sure, but I think Michel likes Nelken.

I thought I heard him come in.

Cris doesn't go to bars.

My favorite soccer player is Shinji Ono.

This work is simple enough that even a child can do it.

It's still 50 kilometres to Paris.

Where are we supposed to sit?

She cannot play the piano.


Nobody showed me around.

Julianto is strange.

Is there a problem between you two?


I have to open my shop.

Get a move on!

The chocolate is going to melt if you keep it out of the fridge.

Mike's plan was horrible.

Win was a lieutenant.

You pompous git!

Don't expect me to lose any sleep over it.

Stephan was greatly affected by the death of his only daughter.

She has not a few friends in America.


Stand on the scale.

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Meeks actually seems happy.

She seems to have something to do with the affair.

I live in the nearby city.

I never told her that.

I'm not special.

There is little doubt that tightening of an already stripped system will have dramatic consequences for industry and municipalities in rural areas.

Ahmet isn't feeling well.

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Please look at me.

You don't miss anything, do you?

Tell me where you were last night.

I'm a big fan of Mahesh.

McDonald's will discontinue the use of boneless lean beef trimmings in their hamburgers.

It was nearly pitch black.

Do you want to work in Germany?

These happy slaves are the most furious enemies of freedom.

I have a report to write tonight.

Sanity loves Scotchmen.

Animals act on instinct.

Find out what the problem is.

Waldos, which are a kind of hand-operated robot--and are coming into vogue with surgeons--take their name from an early story of Heinlein's.


If you don't have this key, you won't be able to get in.

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You needn't suffer in silence.

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No one ever comes to visit me.


You won't be able to do that without me.

Gregg wants to go out for a walk.

How's the wife?

We need more men like Mikey working for us.

Rusty looked out at the ocean.


Don't tell me what I can't do.

A tiger appears near here.

Dorothy must have seen Frederic when he visited Boston.


Shut up! Don't bring that matter up!


Everyone knows that he's still alive.

Wait here till he comes back.

What's that on your face?


By tomorrow morning all the world will have been covered with snow.

The naive man was utterly embarrassed in her presence.

Dorian stayed awake all night.


Tell me when I can open my eyes.

Brandi always got up early.

We must choose the right moment carefully.

I'm doing this for her.

Her idea is very similar to mine.

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What time do you watch the news?

Lloyd takes piano lessons.

When should I feed my dog?

Youtube is the source of fame of brand new stupid singers like Justin Bieber

Many of the inhabitants of this region are fishermen.

The bag I left on the passenger seat is missing!

She drinks coffee.

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I warned him, but he ignored the warning.

Have you started learning English?

Life will never be the same again.

Instead of doing what needed to be done, Panzer read a book.

A language is not something you learn all at once.

Vladislav doesn't spend enough time with his children.

It's better to be poor and in good health than rich and ill.

I don't believe in ghosts.

He did not know that he was doing anything wrong.


Let me say a few words by way of apology.


Archie is one of the designers I work with.