Ariel won't be able to stop Jacobson from doing that.

Gale drives an electric car.

Someone stole my belongings.

Everybody rushed towards her.

I'll stop them.

This politician is a typical champagne socialist.

Tell me where to put this.

We have gas heating.


I need to ask you some questions about Roxana.


Expensive things often prove more economical in the long run.


Jisheng is the church's pastor.


Lee tried to reassure his wife.

I think Hotta was trying to tell us something.

As I thought, it seems to have been an impolite question.

Application developers decided to use a functional programming language.

We should have departed earlier.

Donal baked three loaves of bread.


Terry volunteered to help raise money for a new orphanage.

It depends on how you deal with it.


He had his pocket picked in the crowd.

I see I was wrong.

I noticed he was wearing my slippers.

We got married.

I'm still not used to getting up so early.

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Harold II was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

Leonard let the dog loose in the yard.

He said that he was hungry.

The elephant walks on even as the dogs keep barking.

Moncalvo is the smallest town in Italia.


Due to illness, he had to give up smoking.


I am thirty years old.

Don't worry. I won't hurt her.

I had two copies of the book.

Between meals, he usually manages to stow away a generous supply of candy, ice cream, popcorn and fruit.

Parking is prohibited here.

Ross wiped his feet on the mat.

Even if it rains tomorrow, I'll go there.

He and his grandmother played a few games of Crazy Eights until his mother picked him up.

Whose letter is in this envelope?

Geoff came in carrying something.

The house looked very dismal.

Nobody knows what will happen next.

I'm sure there's a connection.

We have to be realistic.

It was a stupid mistake.

We have a lot of earthquakes in Japan.

The host usually carves the roast at the table.


I'd like a coat with the wooly side in, please.

Some people think Sanjay is schizophrenic.

That's all quite true.

Naren was satisfied with the work Noam had done.

Wooden houses catch fire easily.


I preferred baseball to football in my childhood.

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Something fishy is going on.

I gave an answer that was way out in left field when the teacher caught me off-guard and called on me.

Sally made her brother clean the bathroom.

I don't like where society is heading.

Both of them are hungry.


The pot is boiling over.

Did you notice that a fox family were running?

Sofoklis is by no means unintelligent. He is just lazy.

It is our custom to visit Japan in October.

Jitendra isn't making much money.

I'm waiting for his telephone call.

Did she really say that?


Why don't you help her out?

I've been banned from the art room.

Alexander finally changed his name.

You're blinded by your arrogance.

You never told me you could speak French.

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Could you please pick Shigemi up for me at the day-care center?

Miss Kanda is a very fast runner.

Ethan bought a computer at thirty percent off the list price.


I always liked Gypsy better.

Are you mentally challenged?

Go back home!


I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof.

Being a prince is not easy.

The little boat bobbed on the rough sea.

Huashi is the coolest person in the world.

My hobby is stamp collecting.

Take your elbows off the table.

Falafel is a good source of protein.

How did your first husband die?

Shadow's a big liar.


If you have time, why don't you drop by his gallery?

Come on, I'll show you.

My closet is full of things that I never wear.

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Peanut butter and jelly, please.


Can I help in any way?

We've endured three wars.

Arabia abounds in oil.


My parents won't let me date.

Sally recalled the days when her grandma was strong and healthy.

Why are you dressed?


I'm glad you enjoy skiing, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea.

Though he is very poor, he is above telling a lie.

What I need is more time.

He pressed me against the wall.

Olson doesn't like his work.

Negligence is a type of damage or offense.

Everyone's holding their breath.

I nearly spilled my coffee on the keyboard.

She missed the train.

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Brenda had never seen Ed so upset before.

Thirty years ago, timber was the main industry here.

To make money one must want money.

I later realized that Beijing people walk slowly.

He made the trip independent of his company.


So, you do admit that you've lied, right?

I have a report I need to work on.

How much is this pen?

Felicja is a native of Katowice.

I appreciate you coming here.

We'll assist in any way we can.

My cousin is already four years old.


A kindly-looking young woman took the hand of the miserable drunkard and drew him inside, shutting the door before he had time to realise what had happened.


He grew a beard to look more mature.


A quartet has one more member than a trio.


She's attracted to Asian guys.


We're not going to stop now.


They may not know about it.

I have a cat named Cookie.

Promise you won't be mad at me.

You already have one of those.

I have a job to do.

I avoid discussing personal subjects with my boss.

She found out that the computer he had sold her was stolen.

Let's try calling them.

They had some doubts about their commander.

I can't help feeling something terrible has happened.

We just want a little help.

A little good news wouldn't hurt.

Sometimes everything goes wrong.

She went over the list to see if her name was there.

I've been living here for a long time.

I can't wait forever.

That's not legal.


Surely we can get in touch with Sedovic.

He is a nice person, to be sure, but not very clever.

They understood that.

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They differ in many respects.

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The fire is remembered in history.

An alternative is possible.

I disagree with them.

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I talked to Bradley and Jeffrey while I was waiting for John.

Blaine tried the coat on.

You as well, child.

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It was chaotic.

They are much younger than Betty.

I'm coming!

Have I told you about how I first met Horst?

His joke has been done to death.

Cats often kill small animals if allowed outside of the house.

I'm angry at the neglect of these children.


Ping asked how much the fare was.


I informed her about the success.

Those interested in the employment vacancy can send their resume to the human resources e-mail.

Won't you please send this letter by Express Mail?

She was lonely.

Thuan followed Suresh out of the hospital.


Hurry up, Shari.