My lower abdomen feels bloated.

It's okay. I won't bite.

It's obvious that Wilmer doesn't like Ahmet very much.

Richard is dubious.

Jane arrived at the party after Liber did.

Woods burn easily.

To the point.

I prefer to be in my own comfort zone.


All participants made that great effort in the Olympics.


Listen, we need to talk.


He acted as chairman.

Tell me how to find her.

He has three children.

The English sovereign is generally said to reign but not rule.

The cherry blossoms are at their best now.

So what should I do now?

According to Axel, you weren't in class today.

Lisa was unshaven and disheveled.

This book seems very important to me.


Ranjit claims he was drunk at the time.


Japan's ODA largely consists of concessionary yen credit repayable in 30 years, carrying an interest rate of 2% or so.

Don't think.

Laser printers are generally less expensive to maintain than ink jet printers.

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Does it have a distinguishing mark?

I guess I should get home to the wife.

He's going to visit his aunt and uncle next month.


One of our windows is broken.

Benson couldn't stop yawning.

Can't you put it off until tomorrow?


Mike speaks good Japanese.

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Can I have a paper bag?


Oh shit! I've lost my keys!

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Everything was as it had been when I left there.

It is weird the medicine bottle is already half full, given that it was just bought yesterday.

Japan wanted control of Manchuria.

They're as tired as we are.

What was the boy called?

That's no reason to get mad.

You are supposed to take off your shoes when entering a house in Japan.

We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness.

Let's come back.


I don't feel like going out right now.

However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.

We haven't seen much of Miltos since Trey committed suicide.


I'd like to know when you can send it out.


You haven't told Woody you're married, have you?


He keeps making the same mistake.

They were good kids.

When I came to the school, there was nobody there anymore.


This was how he became a great pianist.


Are you capable of doing that?

At one time they lived in Nagoya.

I suppose you'll be studying all day tomorrow.

Clark sounded really upset.

Kenn felt humiliated.

What was it Alejandro wanted?

Could you do something for me?

I just don't want to go to Boston.

Dinner is probably ready, so we had better hurry home.

I don't want to go back.

I don't work here.

Our bus arrived a little early.

I don't want to go with them.

Time has passed very quickly.

Vice skipped work to watch the USA-Germany soccer match.

Because of his impolite reply, she got angry and slapped his face.

Let's stop at the next service station.

We'll see you next week on Monday.

The greatest charm of traveling lies in its new experiences.

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It's warm.


That stinks of cheese.


I haven't finished my breakfast yet.

He reasoned with his child about the matter.

Roxanne isn't well.


As soon as work is over, he makes a beeline for the pub.

Life is good again.

I don't want a banana.

Have you decoded the message yet?

Erik is too depressed to work.

Have you already voted?

Having finished my work, I went out for a walk.

I was tempted.

Becky is frying an egg.

The battle robot JA went berserk.

Last summer we went to Boston.

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She used to play basketball.

The funny part was what he said to me.

Have you ever told your boyfriend a lie?

Jorge didn't know anyone.

The children laughed and screamed, and tumbled over each other, in their efforts to catch him; but luckily he escaped.

What the critic says is always concise and to the point.

I'm doing well, thank you.

Christie was told to abstain from smoking and drinking.

When I was inside my mother's womb, I looked through my mother's navel at the house where I would be born and I thought: "No way I'm going there".

Why don't you ask Leigh to help you wash the car?

I'm right on this one.


I will write to you soon.

At most, Henry has only six dollars.

I would rather not eat the same food again today.

He thinks that they are not sentient beings.

I laughed so much, I thought I'd die.


He argued that nuclear weapons were a threat to peace.


They pretended ignorance.

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Hillel managed to escape just in time.

The traffic accident deprived the young man of his sight.

Nobody understands me.

Do you know their address?

You might want to discuss it with Heather.


Hunter wondered how many times Hotta was going to run around the track.

Sorry, I can't help.

Many a man has predicted it.


Stu is very patient.

I spoke to him kindly so as not to frighten him.

This song makes me happy.

Stephe has made himself clear.

Nick can be a little chatty.

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What do you want from life?


She was looking forward to playing table tennis with him.


I'll pick you up at seven.


"My boy, did you hear something?" "No."

Can you fix our sink?

I can't figure out how this happened.

I've had a really bad day today.

Could you give me some help here?

They furnished the library with many books.

I like Milner's approach.


Don't go to illegal meetings.

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Paola is the one who told me that I should read this book.

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Is this the first time you've had this symptom?

Please take charge of this key.

What is the capital of Greece?


Would you take part in this event?

I was able to accomplish a lot today.

Alexander, would you mind lending me ten dollars?

Why would I be happy?

Tell me who's bothering you.

Jean ate the osechi cooking his wife cooked for herself.

I can't explain the difference between the two.

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Leave a message and I'll call you.

I don't understand how Orville could do this.

He suppressed his anger.

His behavior, as I remember, was very bad.

The drum faded away.


In some rural areas, the Internet is important for agricultural information, as well as being particularly useful for the purposes of agricultural production technologies and pricing.


They don't accept volunteers.

You could talk to her.

I ignored her.

My face is the prettiest face around, isn't it?

Rathnakumar said he didn't feel well.

I was the one that was right all along.

The horse, the lion, the dog and the sheep are animals.


The trees were torn up by the force of the storm.

See the boy and his dog that are running over there.

Let them carry it.

I'm a dictator.

They did not let them enter because they were not on the guest list.

I'm sorry, but could you move over a bit so I have room to sit?

They say nitrite is harmful to the colon.


He absents himself from any party she is likely to attend.