Tell her we're on our way.

To tell the truth, it does not always pay to tell the truth.

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Kathleen was ever so careful to be on his best behaviour when he met his future mother-in-law.

Mahmoud is looking down the well.

Don't make fun of me when I'm speaking seriously.

Can I get your full name and address?

I'm starting to doubt you.


I'm not asking you to do anything illegal.

Tao abstains from alcohol.

How big was your school?

I guess we agree almost perfectly.

Dylan remembers giving Mah the key to the suitcase.

Would you please wait for a few minutes?

Come what may, you should go your own way.


Vincent isn't quite ready to go.

Society and the individual are inseparable.

Don't carry too much baggage when you travel.

I said I'd figure it out.

I'm the one who wrote that letter.

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Winter came.

We sew with a needle.

Hurry, or the plane will leave you behind.


I ran into a little trouble.

It's not yet working.

Horses are different from donkeys.


The security team checked the car for explosives.

Did you make it for yourself?

Ken didn't work hard enough, so he failed the exam.

Herman has his own problems.

Let's unearth the potatoes.


I hate being laughed at.

He got over the difficulties.

You missed the target.


If you want to include papers that have been submitted to academic journals, you are limited to those that have been accepted for publication.

There were green fields as far as the eye could reach.

You're not invited.

Let's look upstairs.

His speech has a positive influence on all the colleagues.

When do you need them?

Please be careful.


Don't you know that he has been dead for these two years?

Manavendra checked his mailbox to see if he'd gotten any mail.

A creepy cry that sounds like a human voice, velvet black wings, the image of tearing into dead flesh; crows are known across the world as an ill-omened bird that flies down with ill-luck.

This is a great song.

The clumsy man envied her extraordinary talent.

I know he will only continue disappointing me, but I can't help loving him.

I know what Edward is doing.

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Lars didn't bother to respond.

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You don't need to answer any more questions.

We have ample time to catch our train.

Merril had a wonderful time when he went to Boston.

In real combat, you must not forget that hesitation is a very dangerous thing.

They won't do it.


Edith pulled into his garage, turned off the engine, and then got out of the car.


Tell them I'll do it.


Angela's face lit up when he saw the cake Celeste had made for his birthday.

I told them when I saw them. I also told him.

Is there place for this box in the van?


There's a soccer match tomorrow.


He's angry at the world.

Don't worry about it. You'll be fine.

This ought to be good enough.

Hard work pays off.

Who is the girl at the door?


Elijah slammed the door in Rich's face.

I don't think Beverly will change.

After a short break the show was to be resumed...

Marshall went to the grocery store.

Where did you see her?

Who would even think of doing such a thing?

I will call her once again tomorrow.


We've got no plans to do that.

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I walked along the river until I got to the iron bridge.

We exorcise you, every unclean spirit, every satanic power, every incursion of the infernal adversary, every legion, every congregation and diabolical sect.

That's a good price.

Were you fat when you were in high school?

We can't help him.

The boy feared the dark.

Our plan went wrong from the beginning.

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I'll pay you back once I receive my salary.

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I am harvesting rye.


Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.

Kate wants to work in Italy, so she's learning Italian.

Rodney might be able to help Orville.

Stop complaining and do the work you were asked to do.

The ball hit him on the left side of the head.

We've got to figure out what's wrong.

I hear June stole a car.

Grow some balls.

There's the use of four letter words.

Do you still have my key?

This work must be finished by Monday.

What does she think of it?

Rhonda threw Kenneth out of the bar.

Let's get to work.

Poor guy... Food poisoning's never fun.


You ruined everyone's fun.

Why didn't you go to Boston with Sharon?

I just wanted to have a little fun.

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You speak so softly that I cannot quite hear what you say.

Ronnie James Dio's death made me very sad.

We watch movies on the DVD every Saturday night.

The nation's leaders had no choice.

Are you related to me?

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Which syllable receives the stress in the word "Australia"?

Don't give up hope, Knute.

I think honesty will pay off in the end.

A lot of companies are going under lately because banks are so tight with their money.

I freaked out and started screaming.

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It's not an exaggeration to state that he is a genius.

Did Mario tell you that, too?

We've got to try and stop them.

The murderer is now on trial.

Myrick will be here today.


Dan didn't want to write about the incident in the local newspaper.


I ask you to forgive me.


Fred knows how to talk to customers.


There are plenty of nice girls out there.

You can't be afraid to make mistakes when learning a foreign language.

At the turn of the century, children still worked in factories.

He exchanged his cow for two horses.

The room is shrouded in smoke.


Frederick wanted answers.

It may seem like a lot of trouble to go through, but in the end, you'll be happy you did it.

I took for granted that they would give me a receipt.


Tovah could smell gasoline.

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Which is the best way to travel?

Linda likes chocolate.

Don't embarrass yourself.

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So let's do it.

I think Vilhelm did that.

The airport is close by.


I'm part of the committee that's looking into that problem.

He was framed by his wife.

The artificial satellite launched at the cost of the welfare budget did not work properly.

One feels that the city has grown slowly and each age has left its mark.

We're in the process of remodelling our kitchen.


This gadget is light years ahead of any other.

There was no reason to stay.

It is a great privilege to be with you in Tatoeba.

Tell me, do you miss me at all?

Rainer was standing in front of Panzer's house.

I had a similar experience once.

I'll be pleased to help you.


He built them on an assembly line.

I can hardly see without my glasses.

This is a cat.

What advice do you have?

Was he Shuvra?

He looked deeply into his crystal ball and predicted my future.

I'm Canadian, too.


We saw her off at the airport.

I can't answer this question. I don't know anything about those issues.

I was just going to get some lunch.

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Andre isn't sure where Sehyo parked her car.

The organization of employers is an organization with a great deal of influence.

Those men died.

The child dreads his visit to the dentist.

Ralph is the best dancer in the group and he knows it.


Can you translate from Norwegian into German?