It looked awful.

I have a firm belief in his innocence.

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I came to apologize.


You are an original masterpiece.


I still haven't found anything.

I didn't actually go to college.

What is the price of that book?

How long have you been the boss?

What're you going to tell him?

Don't get too near.

They are impatient.

The hall was jammed with people.

Rees made it back to Boston just before the storm hit.

Can you describe how Eva died?

I've got it all under control.

We suggest you get there early.

I can go there on foot.


I am working with full steam.


She was heard to cry for help.

Clifford wished that she could go back in time before she married Miki.

I think I broke Christophe's heart.


Neal leaned his cane against the chair.

You'd better look at this.

I saw her crossing the street.


Liaison occurs in spoken French when a word which ends with a consonant that is normally not pronounced is followed by a word which begins with a vowel. In these cases, the consonant is sometimes pronounced as if it were at the beginning of the following word.

Sumo is a Japanese martial art.

Tuan doesn't want to move.

Which one is easier?

How is your summer going?

Chicken pox outbreaks have inspired many children's parties.

I've just finished waxing the floor.

Father always has the tailor make his suits.

The children chased after the circus parade.


Seenu doesn't always come home this late.

Lowell has split ends.

It's been three years since Bob started his own business.

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We're going to get you out of there.


I hit the ball forcing it to roll down from the top of the hill.


Don't be lazy, bring me them yourself.


The player performed a wonderful feat.

It's not a good idea to go out after dark by yourself.

The passages in the books upon which the idea of theory of redemption is built, have been manufactured and fabricated for that purpose.

At last, she hit on a good idea.

I wish I were in Boston now.

Let me eat in peace.

Please drop by my home.

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We arrived at the station as the train was leaving.

I'm checking out this afternoon.

Do you think you'll be getting more in soon?

I will listen to your chest. Breathe deeply, please. Now hold your breath.

Shutoku stiffened.


Phew, I'm safe now.


Carsten fired Vinod because she often showed up late for work.

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I made this happen.


I almost didn't see you.

I think I have a cavity.

I'm sorry to bother you at a time like this.


The girl let the bird loose.

I saw them take it.

You're just trying to scare us.

This is one for the books.

You can't go anywhere by yourself.

Tell the maid to make the beds.

It'd be better if we didn't talk about Spike.

Gabriel writes to me once a week.

Elvis sees Christophe three times a week.

I had lunch with June.

The telephone is among the inventions attributed to Alexander Graham Bell.

Forgive me, please!

Someone should talk to him and tell him what's what.

The words confirmed him in his suspicions.

Varda wanted Kris to go away and leave him in peace.

Put the car in low to climb the hill.

I never wanted to hurt them.

We've got less than an hour.

Soohong was afraid to go to sleep.

Magic and monsters are products of the imagination.

You seem a little distracted.

Ping isn't strict enough with his students.

Laurent certainly didn't deserve the punishment he received.

I'm really hungry!

Kusum gives me things from time to time.

They went to Italy for their honeymoon.

How did it all work out?


I don't have the slightest clue.

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I think it's time we gave Natraj some time off.


I'm sure that she will come back soon.

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True love is like a ghost: everyone speaks of it, but few have seen it.

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It's just a cold.


That's devastating.

Will you tell us a story?

You do not have to take your umbrella with you.

Where is the Mexican embassy?

What did you think I'd do?

We shouldn't look down on a person only because he's homeless.

He was banned from practising medicine.

It is getting dark outdoors.

Your parents ought to know it.

Is Jarvis bluffing?

I was trying to tell Case that.


The word "Entbindung" "birth" is ambiguous, it can also mean "death".

Playing cards is a popular pastime.

I brushed by him while running.


She looks like a Greek goddess.


If you don't study hard, you'll continue to get poor scores.

Be home before dark.

Can I have more broccoli?

Hector wondered how Moe could be so sure that she'd win the race.

Such an act will be judged at the bar of public opinion.

You'll find everything.

A strange atmosphere surrounds the visitor in this room.

I got married again.

I hate terrorism.

For all I know, he's a criminal.

I don't like pizza anymore.


Knock yourself out, Lex.

We eat eggs.

I take it you two don't get along.

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The audience was exposed to the devastation.


There's a slim chance that Anton will be late.


The well-known poet attempted to commit suicide in his study.

I sometimes watch documentaries.

Nobody lives here.

Don't tamper with anything else.

I have two children: a boy and a girl.

Walking along the street, I hit on a solution to the problem.

Evan usually wears dungarees.


I quit my job and moved so I could start off with a clean slate.

I used to think Teruyuki was good-looking.

By the 1940s, the qipao came in a wide variety of designs and fabrics, with an equally wide variety of accessories.

That was actually a lot of fun.

He is nothing but a liar.

I won't tell them you said that.

It's brass monkeys here!

This is really delicious soup, isn't it?

Stop taking away my right to take away other people's right.

You won't be able to help us.

For me, regret is the harshest punishment.


He wants to keep a close eye on the rules.

I waited for her for a really long time.

They move from place to place.

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Owen drives a cab.

You're only going to get one shot at this, so don't blow it.

She's neither in the kitchen nor in the living room.

The bin is empty.

Look after your children.

It was heart-warming.

His experiment had many faults in its details.


The terrorists have failed.

The man is chasing the woman.

You were a good boy.

The teacher told us that over and over again.

He was crossing the street.


Were it not for your help, I should fail.

Mat was sitting on the floor playing his bongos.

Bobbie should do as Peggy suggests.

The police followed Jay's car into the decommissioned tunnel.

How much longer do you think we'll have to wait?


Where's Eva working?

Earle has an enormous appetite for adventure.

Paula wanted me to leave the door unlocked.

His undertaking failed for lack of funds.

He knows how to catch birds.