This is the only camera I've got.

I got it free.

That 'Ayumi' kid, only 13 but has performed in movies and theatres as a child actor since she was five.

It's cooler tonight.

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We go to the country on weekends.


How long ago did it happen?

Do you think the request will go through?

He went in the opposite direction from us.

I wished her a good night.

I get dizzy when I stand up.

I didn't want to involve you.

Are you sure of your answer?


We have to figure out how much it's going to cost us.

Let's paint the ceiling first.

It's suicidal.


We stayed at a farm house.

I always wondered what that noise was.

Spencer senses the aliens are watching her.

She does all her children's wishes.

She is a young student.


His comments about the book were favorable.

Here's a copy.

Why can't you be quiet?


Young Cubans watch a lot of American TV.

Sergei is allergic to nuts.

Dave and Adlai almost got married.

Who kissed you?

They built their empire in Peru about five hundred years ago.

You can't just not do your job.

Astronauts wear spacesuits.

Where did you find this?

He stands for both freedom and justice

I bowed politely.

There are five Russians among the party.

Ira left everything to you.

My watch is broken.

Panacea looked around, but he couldn't see anything.

Warren spoke to a career advisor.

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Nate just won't stop.

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I told him to stay.

Neville cooks well.

So, will you do it?

Where they burn books, they will eventually burn people.

I'd like you to look after my dog.

No one was interested in anything I had to say.

Look at that drawing.


We'll need twenty dice to play this game.

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Keep the keys.


I never really was nervous.

We're just not used to it yet.

Would you take a picture of us with this camera?

What are the Germans like?

I'll send it back.

We must defend our freedom at all cost.

Do you want some bourbon?


I'll be over here doing my job.


Your lawyer should step down from this trial.

Bobbie says that he'll pick Kikki up at 2:30.

Isn't Norman supposed to be doing his homework now?

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Andre breezed through the exam.

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Don't say his name.


How was today's game?

We aren't that poor.

Tell Alastair that I'm not at home.


Can't you say anything nice?

We're not the only ones here who know French.

I think Trevor is brilliant.

We're still looking for her.

These drinks are a la carte.


The genie asked Marty to make a wish.

We are short of time, Teriann.

I love him, but he thinks I hate him.

No is living with his uncle now.

Do you really think it'll work?

They love Floyd.

This is the first time I've ever coated my house with plaster.

I think you'll have to help me.

She left the house without saying goodbye.


Not only you but I also was to blame.

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I've got a lot to do.

I've never sung this before.

She's my rival.

In my understanding, those two experiments do not have common factors.

Shall you be going to the meeting on Saturday?

Earl doesn't speak French well.

Why do you care so much about what Ragnar thinks?

There's no point in asking me for money.

Such books as this are of no use to us.

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I had a cousin who lived in Boston.

He keeps all his savings in the bank.

The clock has two hands, an hour hand and a minute hand.


No one can stop me now.


There are many jobs available in the computer industry.


Eat slowly.

That's wasteful.

June said that he hadn't done it.

They have proven themselves.

She always urges him to try new things.


The sum came to 3,000 yen.

Nigel is a university student, isn't he?

We were sick.

I see you haven't forgotten your stuff.

The factory uses many complicated machines.

I couldn't let Stevan die.

This color becomes you.


We found the boy interested.

I can't tell her from her twin sister.

Everybody loves his country.


He stands for both freedom and justice

Ah, we have run short of sugar.

It is close to eleven. It's about time we went to bed.

Ole says he's climbed this mountain three times.

Man is the only animal that possesses language.

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The airport was new. I went inside and had a look.


Neither approach is ideal.

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I really don't understand what you're saying to me.

Granville has a thing for Duke.

Famine weakens. Debt causes suffering.

I'm from Denmark.

We learn much from experience.

We all stared at her.

Karl has a new pair of sunglasses.

I like the style of Picasso, among others.

What's keeping Manjeri?

It was Merril who helped us find Patty.

We have two classes in the afternoon.

It kept snowing all day.

Through him all things were made.

Sharan took part in the competition.

Let me get that.

He asked a number of friends for advice.

I brought my camera, of course.

Everyone's tired of hearing that story.

Thank you for agreeing to help me.

I just want to be a good neighbor.

He took part of this non-profit organisation to help make his vision of the world become reality.

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Feel free to leave comments below.

You've got 24 hours.

What brand and what color is the director's car?


This is Vladislav's sister.

I like this book the least.

Nelken and I dated for three years.


What are those noises?


I was sick, so I stayed home from school.

Tomorrow it starts.

Did Konrad change anything?

I like honey.

Galen pushed the door open and looked inside.

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He crashed his car because someone tampered with the brakes.

I'll try not to doze off.

I suspect that there was an oversight in the examination.

Their job is to close the store.

I'm off to give him a piece of my mind.

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The doctor offered the child a lollipop. Against expectation the child said he preferred no lollipop and no jab to getting the immunisation and lollipop.

Please come to the main office.

The bus speeds down the long and winding road.

I never should've hired Gregory.

I saw one many times.


Did you watch this evening's news?

I'm here because I need your help.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Temple of Artemis, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

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Don't call him.