That must be Dwayne's girlfriend.

He'll freeze to death out here.


Stewart sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV.

Giles just came to see me.

I can't finish this work by 2:30.


Merchants complain about the depression.


Give me five gallons of gas, please.

Two hundred houses were burnt down in the fire which broke out yesterday.

Human stupidity is without limits.

The problem here isn't her.

That's just not right.

You are being very unfair to me.

You shouldn't try to do that by yourself.

What I like is her way of talking.

He wants me to go with him.

I wanted to get married. You're the one who didn't.

Patricia asked me this morning if I wanted to go jogging with him.

I have the impression that he is quite arrogant.

I think I fell asleep.

They blamed George for the failure.

She likes talking best of all.

Damone has only been out of prison three months.

It's normal. There's nothing to be scared of.

Bucky choked to death on an olive pit.

Food and cookware are stored in kitchen cabinets.

There's something there.

That song was very popular three years ago.

This stadium will hold 50,000 people.

The jet plane had 500 passengers on board.


Liber has no self control.

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I locked the door.

What do the letters WHO stand for?

Don't look down on a man because he is poor.

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It's very obvious.

I overslept because I woke up late.

Lawrence was clearly skeptical.

He hung the gate on hinges.

I'll see to it that I will never be late again.

I don't want Taurus to go.

We have a door between our offices.

I never want to see her again.

Knute says he witnessed the whole thing.


The weather was miserable yesterday.

He has such coarse manners!

I wish Damon were here with us.

He is a diplomat at the American Embassy.

All my family is very well.

Ilya would've been thirty years old today if he hadn't passed away last year.

Carlos asked Leora what kind of books she liked to read.

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The irrational conversation continued.


I need you to go buy some wood pellets.

Just give us a little more time.

Don't let it get to you, Randy.

You want the Number 11. It stops in front of the post office.

I know that he will be introduced to a lady by his uncle today.

That's no good.

Do you sell advance tickets here?


Try to think of something else.

Tiefenthal has been way ahead of me the whole time.

I wonder why Barrett is late.

In Tatoeba it makes no sense adding hundreds of sentences if they are not validated by native users.

He suggested a plan similar to mine.


It was a small wedding.

It was an awkward moment.

Give us a minute, would you, please?

It was meant as a compliment, so I didn't want to tell him that he had missed the point.

Honey, don't forget to wake me up for work at 11 o'clock.


She expected him to leave town.


In boxing, jabs are less powerful than crosses and upper cuts.


I haven't yet met anyone I'd want to spend the rest of my life with.


This street used to have another name.

Winnie suspects that Mwa and I are plotting something.

I was happy to see him.

As soon as she came in, his recklessness vanished.

She predicted the book would be very successful.

It's very dangerous.

Charleen wasn't sure if he liked the painting or not.

The oligarchic character of the modern English commonwealth does not rest, like many oligarchies, on the cruelty of the rich to the poor. It does not even rest on the kindness of the rich to the poor. It rests on the perennial and unfailing kindness of the poor to the rich.

In Asian culture it's customary to take one's shoes off before entering a house or temple.

If only she had been home when I called yesterday.

Did you push it?

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Please give me a glass of water.

These received no names.

That is actually what I wanted.

I want to find Joubert as much as you do.

You don't have to go there.


I do not want any milk at all.

Let's meet in front of the movie theater.

Taro stayed in Tokyo for three days.

He is the last person I want to see now.

In addition to that, he failed the examination.


I'm a foreigner and I don't know Czech very well. Please, speak slowly.

Pierette doesn't know who he can trust any more.

There's a large supermarket not far from here.


I see a girl.

Will you please check to see if my order has been dealt with?

She was really upset at the time. She cried in the dorm the entire day.

Everybody in the family wore glasses except for Maureen.

I want to buy a cheap dictionary.

I missed the plane. Could I take the next one?

I'll never get over that.


I learned many things about Greek culture.

Some passengers were injured, but the others were safe.

Is he a magician?

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He took it up with Mr. Jones, who was forever taken up short by his boss, Mr. Douglas.


I thought a bunch of people would go water skiing with us, but absolutely no one else showed up.


Where's the oar?


I don't want anyone to see that.

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How did Kelly's umbrella get here?

You've seen what this machine can do.

The event is on Friday.


You made a wise decision.

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He has a long neck.

I don't know much more than that.

Are you all coming back to visit me?

I want you to go easy on her.

Everything you need is here.

After all, even the gods may err at times.

He was sitting on a bench.

She looked pensive.

Does anyone know the name of the deceased?

They lost the battle.

Having read the newspaper, I know about the accident.

Don't tell her about the party.

Sumitro and Jock eventually broke up.

It was on the list.

Let's hurry so that we can catch the bus.

This bike is used by my brother.

I thought she was going to kill me.

He looks exactly like his brother.

You're not one of us.

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Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.


Am I really the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?

This treaty ensures peace.

You're so set in your ways!


They're doing OK.

I'd better go look for him.

Riding a bicycle without brakes is a stupid thing to do.


This rose does not smell so sweet as the one I bought the other day.

It's too old.

Bring Sergiu back.

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This rash should go away by itself in a couple of weeks.


He doesn't know who he should ask.

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I didn't know Hiroyuki was Canadian.

He took a polite leave of us.

I am tied to my desk and chair.


I'd like to treat you to lunch to thank you for all your help.

All right, let's play some ball.

Get me something to drink.


She plays volleyball better than I.

She spent the whole weekend revising.

Politician, it is a shitty job, but strangely enough nobody ever wants to quit. Apparently, it is too much of a turn-on.

Pedro doesn't have a sister.

I hate the tundra.

What do you think are the racial traits of the Japanese?

I never lied to Fritz.

I was able to make myself understood in French.

She will clear the table of the dishes.


Please just take it.

Thank God that nobody was hurt.

Farouk is lighter now.

The whereabouts of the suspect is still unknown.

I am waving at her, but she's not looking.