The two buses resemble each other at first glance.

We still need a plan.

Tanaka applied for a job with our company.

It's too sunny to stay inside.

I'm on holiday for four weeks.

It'll be easy to find a renter for this house.

Save your breath.

A group of students stood in the street.

The chicken is lean.

This is Tatoeba.


She's always worrying about trifles.

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There will be setbacks and false starts.

We've already had a family commitment.

Grow a pair.

Machine translations improved a lot.

This is absurd.

You never told me whether you're married or not.

Chinese officials say economic growth has dropped to a three-year low because of the world economy.

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You had a stroke, didn't you?

Matt looked horrified.

I am too confused!

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He found it difficult to make himself understood in German.

I told her I couldn't do it.

It is doubtful whether this method will work.

Jayesh and Graham sat at opposite ends of the couch.

We can't stop you.


Nate signed the document.

Spanish inflects; Japanese conjugates; German declines.

I don't like those people.

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Don't let him touch it.

All the other parts of the New Testament, except the book of enigmas, called the Revelations, are a collection of letters under the name of epistles.

Shankar was staring at the floor.


Pack and get dressed before your parents hear us.

The accused thief is on trial now.

When did you last see them?

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Is there somewhere we can go?

He is an expert driver.

She came hurrying to his bedside.

I'm telling you to shut up.

I regret not having been honest with you.

I'm sure everything will work out just fine.

Mr. Tanaka is one of my father's fishing companions.

Woody has the perfect alibi.

Elijah and Hilda are considering divorce.

We have received your mail form you on last day.

I lived abroad for ten years.

I'm here to help him.

I'm sorry I can't go with you today.


Let's pretend we're busy.

It's not going to be easy to finish this job on time.

Joshua knows Ping's husband.

After all, you had homework to prepare.

He intended to persist in his silence.

Who says I'm afraid of them?

I will never forget Germany.

I think what you just did is illegal.

I've already eaten.

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Ravindranath enjoys working here, I think.

"Clayton, you're blushing." "No, I'm not."

I couldn't be happier for the two of you.

Go wash up!

I wish you'd let Hans finish his story.

It's all right here.

Hector is an introvert.

The crucial verb in SQL--Structured Query Language--is "SELECT." SELECT statements return row sets from tables, cursors, joins, or the row sets returned by other SELECT statements.

He still comes to see me now and then.

One of them is still missing.

This place gives me a really bad vibe.

I know you had to do it.

How did you know he wasn't me?


We're back.

Animals have no reason.

I don't want you to quit working here.


There is a strange man in front of the house.


What color is your hair?

I can't take that chance.

Matthieu meant it as a joke, but no one was amused.


I wandered about aimlessly all day.

Moderate exercise will do you good.

For once, Sue came to the meeting on time.

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I said thanks.

The expert said it would rain tomorrow.

We didn't want to worry you.

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Isn't that what Terrance wanted?

He was incredulous of the story.

Toerless considers Rayan to be a heroine.

I learned a lot.

I have a low opinion of them.

Panos seems fine.

It's your stereotyping.


Do you have a garage?

Pedophilia is probably more common than people think.

When are you going to tell her?


It was pretty crazy.

Television enables us to learn about foreign manners and customs.

The boy mourned the death of his hamster.


A rumor is abroad about his death.

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It's not polite to stare at people.

It's an ambitious project.

I wouldn't know what to do without you.


It just stopped.

Smoke issuing from chimneys is a cause of air pollution.

He was named after the king.

He was strong enough to help his father on the farm.

Splish-splash is an example of an ideophone.

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I'm not at my best in the mornings.


She has a lot of English books.


Sofia saw Jeany and Conchita holding hands.

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Did you tell Magnus about tomorrow's meeting?

Wayne will take the 2:30 train.

I need some new supplies.

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It's me that went there yesterday.

What was it like down there?

Christopher Columbus once discovered an entire ship of deceased sailors... and politely ignored it.


Don't ever call gays "fags".

The king is coming.

I am teaching English.

He speaks Russian perfectly.

We'd like you to finish the job by the end of this week by all means.


What did Brandon eat?

I just got here yesterday.

I don't think it's odd at all.

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This conclusively decided the matter.

Harmon should really wear safety glasses.

I couldn't be more certain.

Vidhyanath told me that you like to eat spicy food.

Someone is inside.


When was the first time you did that?

She's got two cats. One's white and the other is black.

I laid my new clothes on the bed.

I don't know who it was.

Cary and only Lonhyn knows the whole truth.

Evelyn thought about it and agreed that Kristi was right.

A trilogy usually has three parts.

Toft doesn't need to be here.

Call a policeman.

Good things in life often come at a cost.

Just stop that.

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He is ashamed of having been idle in his youth.

Jin tried to tell me something.

Please give me the book.


I would really appreciate a glass of cold beer.


I don't know if Randolph is available.

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"Where is Romeo?" "This way! To the tomb!"


Don't let them escape!

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Beavers must always wear down their teeth by chewing on trees.

I don't want to go any place.

Collin stole some money from his mother's purse.

I was zoned out because I was tired.

Carter is going to do what he's got to do.


She went to the United States for the purpose of studying English literature.

The excursion will continue not less 8 hours.

You are the star I contemplate.

I deserve a bigger salary for this.

The toddler cried.


Liz remained quiet.

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The investigation died a couple of weeks later.

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Can you repeat what you said?


Some people bring sadness... Have you ever hated yourself for loving someone? Don't hate yourself, because the fault is not love's but of the people who didn't care for you.