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It must have rained during the night.

She put me in a delicate situation.

This is why he didn't go to study abroad.


Kyle applied some moisturising cream to his dry, cracked hands.

You're under investigation.

Do you think they're awake?

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They crashed.

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I can't speak for Roxana.

Follow the street and turn right passing by a bank.

This is a dirty movie.

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You have one kid, don't you?


Imogen of the Internet has dyed her hair all 216 web-safe colors at some point in her life. She is a natural #663300.

We lured him away from the company by offering him a much larger salary.

His chances of being elected are good.


It's impossible to make out what he wrote.

I will say this only once, so listen carefully.

Miriamne's family is poor.

I've decided never to vote again.

It has been raining on and off since this morning.

Nobody can help me.

They say that her uncle worked for them.


How does Jane look?

Bulletproof glass has already saved many lives.

At least try it.

Ukraine is called "Ukraina" in Ukrainian.

Lowell is planning to redecorate his bedroom.


Just don't tell him.

I've never been sued before.

Nothing I did helped.

What Stacy ate gave him an upset stomach.

My shoes need to be resoled.

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Do you prefer lobster or crab?


He is anxious about his mother's health.


Vice turned quickly.

She was sitting under a tree.

He opened the mussels with a knife.

I would rather starve than steal.

Gill put his duffle bag on the seat next to him.


The sky started to darken.

I'm tone-deaf.

You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

I'm already confused.

I have no interest in politics.

They sat on a park bench and began talking.

What do you think the best way to lose weight is?

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How large is the population of this city?

Thank you for reading to the end.

You're pessimistic, aren't you?

I didn't get anything for Izzy.

Nichael is not my favorite person.


The springtime of life is short.

In our wide world, there exist countless lifestyles, languages and cultures.

Belinda minded her neighbours' children while they went to a funeral.

Thomas is an esperantist, who began learning Esperanto one year ago. Now he already speaks it fluently.

The accident happened at this junction.

I play tennis every day.

Penny hasn't been seen in weeks.

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My girlfriend hasn't met my parents yet.

I am eating, which is different to drinking.

I'll do what you say.


I came upon an old friend of mine on the train.

Rajendra doesn't want to die.

Won't you have some coffee?


I want you to meet a friend of mine.

Dwight tried to figure out what was going on.

Not even at gunpoint will Imogen of the Internet admit she only learned CSS to spruce up her Myspace profile in the 2000s.

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People expect things from us.

Hindus and Muslims are all brothers.

I know you love me.


That matter hasn't yet been addressed.

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I am hungry because I did not have breakfast.


He who hits my dog, doesn't really love me either.


Why are the longest sentences always the last ones to be translated?

I'll make sure Jitendra finds out.

Fine, you don't have to.


Miki doesn't understand why we're doing this.

There's no need for Nick to come to my office.

Do you want to do something after school today?

Three patients died last night.

I'm really scared right now.


I feel a little bad today.

I wish Donnie were still alive.

Do you believe in the existence of God?


Are you staying with her?

She advised him to leave earlier.

The train was hurrying west.

When you go to Romania, you will see more.

It is too easy a task for him.


You and I think alike.


He turned around and looked back.

I want my own house, even if it's a shack.

You lie like a rug.


Something bad's going to happen.


Jagath would never have allowed that.

It must be a coincidence.

My name is Yatarou.


This shrine is sacred to Jupiter.

Evan played Win a love song.

I wish I had the will power to stay on a diet.

I was so hungry that I ate it.

I promise to work hard.


The playful elephant calf chased egrets through the lush grass of the savannah.


What's the name of the girl we saw at the festival that day?

That's a really old picture.

Don't be like everyone else.


If I had your looks, I think I'd hang myself.


We'll be fine no matter what happens.

I'm here because of him.

Does that make it clearer?

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Don't you have classes today?

We have many varieties of coffee.

She thought cross stitch was a good substitute for oil paintings.

I heard that Po wanted to learn French.

I'm getting used to working the night shift.


Sasha and Malia! I love you both more than you can imagine. And you have earned the new puppy that's coming with us to the White House.

He saw a UFO flying last night.

Let me dance with you.


First love is a kind of vaccination which saves a man from catching the complaint the second time.

How cold is it here?

Please find me my wallet.

True, she knows a lot about cooking, but she's not a good cook.

That's just a yarn.

How else can I help you?

He seems more or less familiar with the subject.

Let me do that again.

We have arrived.

Don't get up too quickly.

How the social contract is going to look like, which will enable the sustainable development of our community? What kind of development model is best suited for this purpose?

Robert taught Jussi a lot of useful French.

Ilya is big and strong.


Children wear you out.


Can anyone confirm your story?

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Colin was eating a sandwich.

What happened freaked me out.

I want Clifford fired.

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I'm a compulsive scribbler.

That's a fair question.

The road declines sharply.

A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.

Kristi tried to help George up.


I mean no disrespect.


Seenu got an award for the highest sales at his company.

She is in the kitchen.

I never used any kind of headband.

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I have a problem with my car.

I love sport.

I'd be happy to show you around.

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Come and see me whenever you like.

This holiday was called Saturnalia among the Romans and was marked by great merriment and licence which extended even to the slaves.

She's not from here. She was born out of country.


I really want to see Kumiko.

I don't like playing with him. We always do the same things.

We're going out to get something to eat.