They spoke badly of you, but we can't say who it was.

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He has been the chief of his tribe for 35 years.

There's something I forgot to say.

I want you to know that I will work very hard.


I think you should talk to someone.

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It's better you don't know.


He seems like a great guy.

I love carrots.

Take us there, Merat.


If you want to be a newspaperman, you have to be observant.

You still think I'm bluffing?

Rodger eventually called Jose back.


His farm is remote from any town.


He went to England for the purpose of studying English literature.


We never talk about it.


My native language is a foreign language for someone else.

Clara buried her toes in the warm sand.

You obviously don't understand.

That is not what I meant at all.

You need to follow the rules.


Hartmann pretended not to look.

The project will start soon, so watch out for it.

Regarding this project, have you seen the contract?

I'll join you.

I wish you both the best.

It's fine with me.

I don't have a lot of money on me.

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Are you feeling any better today?


We should see each other more often.


Please check your valuables at the front desk.


Cindie can't hurt you.

It felt very good.

They're in love with each other.


Unfortunately, many Russian citizens have inadequate conception of what is happening in Kyiv.

You're a hottie.

We are inclined to think that most dogs bite.


What kind of meat do you eat the most often?

Answer me, please.

She doesn't read anything.

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Seems we've got a rebel in our midst, eh?


Let's see your wallet.

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They were thrilled.


I want those reports on my desk within the hour.

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I owe Christopher some money and must pay her back by next Monday.

I should've done this sooner.

He wanted to say something to her, he didn't know what to say.

Why did you not tell me this?

I met her on the way to school.

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I thought it sounded like a good idea.

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One measures the temperature with a thermometer.


I've added a tag indicating the author.

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Did I say too much?

I don't want your stuff.

Finding a solution that worked was a process of trial and error.

We're coming to get you.

I'm not a weirdo.


His actions had irrevocable consequences.

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Finally I have contributed 10,000 sentences, in various languages, to Tatoeba.

Is anybody else planning to go with us?

As people get older, their brain cells become less efficient.

Hang up your coat, please.

There has to be a reason why this is happening.

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Naresh doesn't really want your advice.


It told Jeremy that I was happy.


I know what's happening at home.


Please look up the first train to London in the railway guide.


No road is long with good company.

I don't feel like cooking.

I'm racking my brains to find a solution.

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Glenn removed his coat.


We have great hopes for you.

Instead of flattery, give us an honest and sincere estimate!

That bothers me.

Music and art can greatly contribute to the enjoyment of life.

I'm afraid you misunderstood me.

We're going to give it a try.

I chopped off the chicken's head.

You have no reason to doubt Rayan.

What's the ideal age for a girl?

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You can get it at any bookseller's.

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He is nothing but a poet.


Pierre stroked his beard.

There are but a few men who don't know that.

We might never see Hume again.

My boss is an asshole.

I do business here.


To my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.

Herb bolted the door.

I am nervous in a sense.


I'll look around.

If it falls tomorrow, it will have been going down for a week.

I doubt very much that I'll be there.


"What does this have to do with me wanting to get my hair cut?" "They have hair in London?"

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You had better supplement your diet with vitamins.

Can you make him smile?

Trent declined to say more.


She told her story in tears.


I had difficulty getting a ticket for the concert.

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Lee Sedol is the world's best Go player.

How can I make this up to you?

We don't need you to tell us what to do.

Triantaphyllos cut down the tree with his chainsaw.

Because Ceres is spherical, it is unlike the majority of the members of the asteroid belt.

I think you ought to listen.

He took off his glasses.

The people listened to the speaker attentively.

The main valve is turned off.


I wish I didn't always feel so tired.

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Can you page someone for me?

Dieter reminds me of you.

I showed Kyle how to tie some knots.

There's a big cherry tree in the garden.

No, I saw it. It's true!

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Labor is not merely a necessity but a pleasure.

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Morris is able to speak French.


Is Werner a common name in your country?

The mayor didn't like what the journalists wrote.

What surprised me was that only ten people came to Rik's funeral.


You must not open the door.


I'm 25 years old and I've never had a girlfriend.


How about $100 for three?

She advised her not to go there by herself.

Pantelis never told me where he went to school.


Hein left school at thirteen.

He is engaged to my sister.

The tall trees blocked out the sun.

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You must've been wrong.


Bud pretended not to know the answer.

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What happened today?

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Japan is an island country, and it consists of four main islands.

Have a good wash before meals.

His latest work is an advance on his previous one.

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Did you keep in touch?

We forgot all about him.

Without your help, we couldn't have done it.

Jason says that he's still hungry.

To forgive is not difficult, difficult to believe again ....

Maybe you contain it.

Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.


I think I'm really not so good at French.