Can I really have all of these?

Nobody had the courage to say it to Novorolsky.


He is kind by nature.

The bag wasn't mine.

Jack insisted on having a living room to himself.

She had to speak before a large audience.

I long for that most of all.

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Petr and Margaret are both asleep.


Gerald seems to be conservative.

I think about them often.

I understand that Irfan is on a tight schedule, but I'd really appreciate it if I could get an appointment with him.

I'm not going to let Kelvin get to me.

He has more books than he can read.

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If you add one hundred to one thousand, you get eleven hundred.

I'll come by train.

I think I can figure it out.

Where can I find a shuttle bus?

The Himalayas are higher than the Alps.

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The houses are here.

Give me Wilson's address.

We're going for a hike later if you want to join us.

Vice was appointed manager.

The water whirled around the rocks.


I imagine that Jess will eventually find out that Tanya has been talking behind his back.

I like to see a gymnast do the giant swing on the high bar.

Will this stuff jeopardize my health?

How do I know that Saul is the one for me?

Don't interrupt her.


It's probably just a coincidence.

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Are you backing out already?

Suresh introduced himself to everyone in the room.

Did you know that Ira was kidnapped when he was three?


I need those documents.

Why am I learning Icelandic?

I forgave you.

What made you sick?

How it ended up here is impossible to know for sure.

I can drop you off at the airport tonight.

I love this park.

I just stopped by to pick up a few things.

Jim pulled a muscle in his leg while skiing.

He only listens to rock bands from the fifties.

Bad weather prevented us from starting.

I am going to be much more careful.

Go, do not wait, the night is coming.

Tighten the lid so that it doesn't go bad.

I consider him an idiot.

We are very well known.

Maria isn't currently working anywhere.

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He admitted that I was right.

How long will it take?

Matters are becoming worse.

English is not easy for us.

Do you have a chain saw I could borrow?

They needed one another.

Honzo had no one to help him.

He is not only brave but wise.

We will be enjoying the life in Paris next month.

He will be reading a historical novel.

I've been briefed.


Isn't it amazing?


She helps her.


I like to dye my hair.

Do you think Pim is guilty?

I wouldn't let a goof-up like that get to you. People have short memories and the one good thing about gossip is that it's short-lived.

I like this color as well.

Terry called me last night from Boston.


Better the devil you know than the angle you don't.

We have some questions for you.

Another step, and you will fall down the precipice.

Could we speak French instead?

I wish everyone luck in the coming year, as well as success in their work and studies.

I can't disagree with Murph.

To upgrade the firmware, you must go to the download page and download the latest version.


He brought dinner.


Politics is the art of making possible that which is necessary.

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If you're cold, come sit by the fire and warm yourself.

The political circumstances in the country got worse and worse.

Nuclear power plants don't appeal to everybody.

Wendy started to descend the stairs.

I cannot do without your advice.


Her success was due to sheer hard work.

Her speech moved us.

She is an atheist.

I liked what you said at the meeting.

It's troublesome that Internet Explorer's stop icon looks like a shiitake mushroom.

He tucked the napkin under his chin.

The hostage-takers planted explosives all around the compound.

After many years of meditation, I have come to the conclusion that for every person, the meaning of life consists precisely in this: to find the meaning of life. I am talking about a unique, specific meaning for the individual life. All of us are unique individuals. And all of us carry a potential inside of ourselves for finding and accomplishing a unique mission in our lives.

Luc will never give up on Dustin.

Rajesh has no one to turn to for help.

The metro honked at me this morning.

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The guide sat at the front right of the raft.

You're a gentleman.

Jwahar and Jeremy are playing poker.

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There was not a weed left in the yard, nor a speck of dust on the floors, nor a single black grain or wild pea in the wheat.

Who hit her?

Herve wrote Malcolm a long letter, but he didn't send it to her.

The snail draws in its feelers.

I like fish.

I haven't yet gotten used to the food here.

This car can drive just as well as that one there.


Rahul has quite a library.

I've been waiting a long time for this.

This isn't news to anyone.

She wants to settle down and have children.

On a first date, it's best to steer clear of touchy subjects.

People have to obey the rules.

I wish tomorrow would never come.

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I didn't feel well.

Does Kolkka know how Ernest feels about John?

We learned English together.

Taurus wouldn't do something like this.

He whom the gods love dies young.

I allow myself no sweets.

People usually have two reasons for doing something: a good reason and the real reason.

He confided in me about his love affair.

The food is terrible.


Nazi comparisons are inappropriate in every situation.

I'm getting undressed.

Have you read today's paper?

Do we have milk in the fridge?

That's a pretty good question.

He forgot part of his speech and had to ad-lib for a while.

We'll have to think about this one.

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It's what?

She adores her older brother.

Varda went back to his chair and sat down.

You should've stayed in the hospital.

How do you spell your last name?

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It's beautiful.

He's a little too old for me.

This cloth is really smooth and silky.

There must have been some more tea in the pot.

Use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

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You should obey all traffic laws.

What did Hon talk to Joon about?

Habit converts luxurious enjoyments into dull and daily necessities.


What is it with you, anyway?


The greater part of the guests were foreigners.

Is he still single?

The bus stopped sharply.

You should order in advance.

Why don't you stay here?

Jochen told me his life's story.

I realized it wasn't for me.

Thank you for helping me to do my homework.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Everybody has an opinion on this subject.

How long did it take you to fall for each other?

Doing something only half-heartedly is the worst thing you can do.

We've still got some time.

Some friends of mine are building their own house. They hope to finish it next summer.

The man's third attempt to stop smoking failed.

I have received a box of pomegranates from Armenia.

Trying has a medical bracelet.

I wonder whose car this is.

I'm living a lie.


Donn is very worried now.

I'm done with studying.

He wrote his own name.

They announced the engagement of their daughter.

I think I'd better call them.

I meant to give these to you.

This is a dog.


I paid R$2600.00 for these speakers.

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You can probably guess what happens though.


I have no reason not to do so.